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Acid Tongue 877 - But It's Raining Outside

Author: Monster Zero
Friday, 21 September 2007
People will believe whatever the 6pm news tells them. Honestly, you could make up the most outrageous bullshit imaginable and a good percentage of the population would believe it as long as the news anchor was wearing a decent suit.
Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Boat people throwing their children overboard. Electro-House and neon headbands. Massive bullshit, all of it. But that didn’t / hasn’t stopped a sizeable chunk of the population buying right into it.
As impressive as those pieces of propaganda were, it takes a special kind of spin to convince the public that there’s a drought even while IT RAINS OUTSIDE.  How the fuck are you gonna have a drought while it’s raining outside- How- It makes no sense. It’s like talking about Wookies from Endor in the closing argument of a murder trial. Patent nonsense. I’m therefore calling bullshit on the drought that this country is supposed to be in the middle of.
The only thing worse than the government Nazis trying to convince us there’s no water are the mindless idiots who have implemented various water rationing measures in a bid to ‘do their bit’. Here’s a reality check: your ‘bit’ doesn’t amount to squat. Yes, congratulations, by cutting down on your showering time you’re saving our planet. Way to be an environmental warrior. 
As for the rest of the water saving suggestions:  taking four minute showers; turning off taps while brushing teeth; driving around in a filthy car; letting your lawn turn brown - I’m gonna make a stand and say no. 
Boo-frickin-hoo! I’m wasting water! Grow up people. Water is there to be used and wasted. What else you gonna do with it- Put it the bank- Hide it under the bed- Drink it-
As for not flushing the toilet... if that’s the way you wanna play then you can just fuck off right back into the mountains right now.
If the government are that worried about the alleged lack of water they could do something about it themselves - you know, like building some dams that aren’t in the middle of a frickin’ desert. Oh wait. That’s far too logical. What kind of government department would build a dam in an area known for rainfall.