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Brockout 870

Author: Ritual
Monday, 6 August 2007
Respect to all crew in attendance for the junglist mayhem a few weeks back. Definitely awesome to dust off the cobwebs and make some noise for a sound of basslines past. Still managing to keep its futuristic edge, it’s only production quality that lets those brilliant pieces of music down. In a time where Bukem, Photek and Source Direct were the people selling the largest quantities of records, it’s easy to wonder whether the music has gone forward. Like everything, it had to filter over into the mainstream so even though I’d say I’m a dedicated junglist, the music that myself and a lot of others reading this column are passionate about is almost devoid from artists like Pendulum (who are absolutely mindblowing at what they do – so don’t think I’m giving them a hard time as they really have pushed the sound to a different level) et al. and more akin to Mistical, Commix, Alix Perez and Nocturnal (Icicle anyone-), which still remains true to the original plan.

Anyway, beats are flowing like Hennesy at Puffy’s house recently with Doc Scott making an interesting return to the studio with a killa E.P. for his classic 31 imprint (named that for the age he was when he started the label). Aptly titled End of The Beginning, it sees reworks of some of his finest. Tokyo Dusk (a remix of Tokyo Dawn on GLR stables – actually I think it’s Nexus 001, but don’t quote me ’til I go home and check) maintains the vibe of the original, which is a beautiful, atmospheric roller that still holds a close love in many junglists’ hearts today. Tougher beats and a semi different b-line are really it’s only obvious markings of a rework but still a heavenly listen nonetheless. Flip for Jungle Jungle, which is a weighty, half step vibed workout reminiscent of the mighty Blue Note.