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Club Flavas issue 870

Author: Maxine Cohen
Monday, 6 August 2007

Spotlight on... BBoy dance crews alive and spinning.
Breaking, popping, flips and head spins. These are not physical dysfunctions but movements peculiar to the art of break dancing. Here in Australia, our BBoy Dance Crew community is a healthy and active one at that. Focusing on a special crew in a Sydney, they are set to break more than some dance moves.

Sydney BBoy Crews - Still Reppin!

Spreading like wildfire across the continents and firmly lodging itself as one of the four main elements of hip hop, the evolution of the BBoy has gone from spinning on card boarded sidewalks to choreographed dancers in music videos beside superstar artists Missy Elliot, Usher and Janet Jackson to name a few. Many have tried to master the art of breaking but only few have succeeded. Bringing that phenomenon closer to home, the culture and acceptance of BBoy Crews spans across the nation, with kids of all ages embracing the movement and what it represents.

One group that have taken to the stage with their own brand of breakin’ is Sydney’s own 7 Dollar Crew! Having taken their name from the movie Breakdance, the crew of five represent a global melting pot with Nacho Pop from New York, Future and Rush from New Zealand, Lamaroc from Melbourne and Felix from Singapore. Bring them together on stage and they are a dance force to be reckoned with. With the Australian chapter of 7 Dollar Crew containing world class dancers from all over the globe, all members have been at the top of their game for close onto nine years and have been performing together as a crew for the past four years, appearing in a host of venues, festivals, TV shows and nightclubs, in Sydney and around Australia.
The crew was formed in late 2002 through world famous breaker Ader from Switzerland and is also tightly linked with fellow Dancekool Massive. Together there was no competition when it comes to rocking the crowd and the dance floor. This crew is electric in movement and energy and vibe off each other like a well-oiled dancing machine. They are fluid in movement and take the art of breaking and the culture of BBoy dancing to a whole new level. They have performed with the Black Eyed Peas, Redman / Method Man, The Big Day Out and various commercials on Australian and US TV and are on point with a simple methodology: they come with passion, unshakable foundation, and no movie-biting fakery. You better recognise

Always Hip Hop – Maxine