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Clubflavas issue 874

Author: Maxine Cohen
Wednesday, 29 August 2007
The hottest radio show in the West – Perth to be exact and it has been making waves nationally for some time now! The Soul Lounge is long overdue for a Clubflavas overhaul!

The Soul Lounge –Westcoast Reppin!

Radio personalities Scotty Mac and DJ Dannyboi have been at the helm of their nationally syndicated R&B/ Soul radio show on Groove 101.7 Perth for well on two years now. What started out as just two radio mates enjoying a commonality in music soon evolved into a radio show that saw creativity switch to overdrive and a natural affinity with smooth grooves turned into a show that saw these two enigmatic characters take The Soul Lounge to a whole new level, as Scottymac says, “ We thought we’d put some time in to making a radio show that we could be proud of. It has taken two years and after a few stumbling blocks we now have a nationally broadcasted show. Its amazing!”

The urban music scene in Perth has an energy all its own, with one thing that sets the West Coast apart from the greater music industry is isolation, which as Dannyboi puts it, is where their scenes strength lies, “ We find Perth is great for many reasons but we love the fact that we are so isolated from the rest of the country which makes us try harder to get recognized. I don’t really like to use the term urban as it is more of a generalisation when it comes to R&B and the Hip Hop Genre. We keep our show strictly to a soul and R&B niche which for us is our total drive and passion”. Behind every good show therein lies a great team and the energy Scotty and Danny put out on their show on weekly basis is reflected in the fan base they have collected nationwide. So what is the secret to their success- Scotty Mac adds, “ Our best strength is that we don’t set limits on what we can achieve. The sky is the limit !”

As with every radio show there comes the inevitable closet of best and worst interviews that one can recall, so what are the contenders for best and worst Soul Lounge interviews- Scotty and Danny agree, “ The best would have been with soul singer Heather Park from NYC. It was one of those phone interviews that after 20 mins it turned into a deeply enlightened conversation about life. The worst was with Bobby Valentino, who spoke to Danny while he was walking through an airport terminal, checked his bags, picked up women and ordered food. There was just a huge arrogance about him’. Luckily arrogance doesn’t live in the Soul Lounge as Scotty Mac and Dannyboi look forward to their radio show continuing its momentum nationally, as they conclude, “ When its all said and done we just want to be known as being advocators for soul music on a global basis and to help people realise music is a huge instalment in bringing people closer together!

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