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Resident Rock Chick issue 877 - The Paper Scissors

Author: Resident Rock Chick
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Resident Rock Chick caught up with Jai Pyne of Sydney band the Paper Scissors as they get set to tour Less Talk More Paper Scissors around the country.

Most of your press coverage credits your big break to FBI...but are you hiding a big dark secret- Is it true that there was some flirting with a major label before you fully formed the band-

Yes, it's true, nothing hidden about it, we used to have it in our bio. I got some money from Sony and made some demos, but it mutually was a bad idea, and I breath a deep sigh of relief that it didn't work out. It is about as polar as you can get to what we are doing now, and god I'm glad, and so are the other TPS.

 What did that experience teach you-

That you need to be very, very careful and be sure about all your decisions. You have to think about the long term. It's hard sometimes, you think “OK, they will give me money to live on and money to record yada yada”, but sometimes you're better off starving and working your arse off so no one can tell you what to do and you get paid properly in the end for something that you have made a little more purely.

One thing that is absolutely striking about The Paper Scissors' sound is your vocals, which often border on a feverish yelp. Where did that sound develop and do you think it is the kind of voice that polarises listeners into "lovers" and "haters"-

I hope it's more lovers! People are asking me about this more and more, my yelping. I think it just comes from trying to get heard over a loud arse band. I can sing properly too you know.
I often think  "Jai is a skinny white man channelling some serious black inspired funk and blues...kind of like an off beat Justin Timberlake." Is funk a major inspiration for you and the band-
It is an influence, I don't know if it’s the major one. I listened to a lot of funk when I was a teenager, and the other guys have definitely delved. I think more of the grittier stuff, like Sly & The Family Stone, lately I've been listening to this guy called Darondo, kinda like a mix between Sly and Al Green, really dirty. And yes, I do have a penchant for pop trash, you may find Destiny's Child and JT in my collection.
How do you feel about the "Australia's answer to the Cold War Kids" tag that is starting to crop up.
I think that is kind of nice, I love that band. But it kind of shits me too, because I really don't think I sound that much like him.  I think we are a lot more diverse than them in terms of our style, I suppose I will take it as a compliment. We were trying to get the support with them, but Belles Will Ring got booked. Grrr... They didn't need a psychedelic band supporting them.

Finally, three essential items the band will be taking on the tour.
iPod. Warm clothes (I'm going to Melbourne for a few days before our show) and swimmers (going to Byron for a few days before shows up there too!) Oh it's a hard life being on the road!
WHO: The Paper Scissors
WHAT: Less Talk More Paper Scissors / Play the Oxford Tavern in Wollongong / Mona Vale Hotel / Transit Bar in Canberra / Sandwich Club at UTS Loft
WHEN: Out now / Thursday 4 / Friday 5 / Saturday 6 October / Friday 2 November