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Tales of the 808 issue 870

Author: Sebastian Bayne
Monday, 6 August 2007
There seems to be a minefield of “free this” and “free that” on the web these days. The lure of free goodies is just as prevalent with music software, samples and tools. How often have you gone to the trouble of downloading some piece of software that you think is free only to find out it is a demo version- Or, in the unlikely event you find something you think you need and it is actually free, it turns out to be useless-

This month I am going to share a couple of treats that are most definitely free and highly useful.

The first is the most excellent U-NO-60 soft synth made by TAL (Togu Audio Online), modelled on the Juno-60 by Roland. This is a six-voice polyphonic analogue monster. It has three oscillators and using the sub oscillator and noise generator you can get some seriously phat bass sounds. The U-NO-60 also comes complete with a very warm lowpass filter. And the GUI looks great! The original Juno-60 is often noted for having a “punchier” sound than the other synthesizers in the Juno family and the VST version is no exception. On the TAL site you can compare sample files of the virtual version with samples of the original analogue synth.

The second freebie comes in the form of a sample sharing website called This is a slick little site that organises samples via clearly defined categories. Once inside a category (each individual sample can be referenced) there is a visual display of the waveform and an mp3 or full audio version to download. The variety of samples is extensive, from animals to noises in nature, music loops to the recording of human sounds. This is really worth checking out. Soundsnap may have just what you have been looking for, or could also be the source of inspiration during a moment of writer’s block.