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Mental Combat 906

Author: Blaze
Monday, 28 April 2008
With the advent of Serato it’s pretty much impossible to garner what medium is being used for the mixes. Vinyl, CD, MP3s, Wav files- Who friggin’ knows these days. In the end, I guess it’s the final result that matters. The skills and selection matters, but once upon a time it would’ve created a searching frenzy for the original vinyl that was being used. Was it a test pressing, a Japanese release, a long-lost demo, a private press- You could cause yourself a seizure these days if you thought that way. There are no limitations, but ultimately a hard copy will always be regarded as the holy grail.

Those Adelaide residents The Battlehoggs have really been putting in some valued effort with their mixtape series. The latest is Official Mixtape Vol 2 with Lyrical Commission’s Brad Strut as the host. The previous volume had Trials as the host and apparently Vol 3 will feature Clandestine’s Mortar on the hosting mic. Australian mix CDs haven’t exactly been over-saturating the market for any amount of years now, so it’s always an event when one is released, especially when it includes an all Australian line-up. So if you need to educate your neighbour or your overseas MySpace pen-pal about local hip hop music, then these are the perfect releases to give them exactly what they need. Sure it’s South Australian dominated, but then again, for a small capital city, they’ve always excelled themselves despite their population size and the quality has been consistent. At least Swarmy is in there representing Sydney/NSW.

After a few listens you can really tell that DJs Kansel and Juice have put a lot of effort into their mixes. Not only are their turntable skills evident, but they’ve made sure that the listener gets that something special by including plenty of exclusives from well-known artists such as Delta, Mnemonic Ascent, Robby Balboa, Damo as well as many lesser-knowns such as Pure Product, Purpose and the newest Battlehoggs DJ member, the 16 year-old Briggs. Some highlights include new tracks like two of Queensland’s favourites, the Coalition Crew’s Free Enterprise and Tommy Illfigga’s Common Sense, also a rare up-tempo gem Hype City from Adelaide’s The Soundbombers, another Conseps and Patti tune Face Up and the Kansel and Juice remix of Brad Strut’s Automatic with Sean P. There are plenty of verses from MCs filling in the gaps, like Damo who kills it again with more metaphors than anyone can handle in 3 mins. He lets no-one escape with lyrics like, ‘I need to get it out of my system like Bliss n Eso CDs’. But who was he referring to in the blanked out parts- Ha! Mr Controversy.

The bonus DVD disc is an excellent selection of live show excerpts, freestyles, interviews and video clips. Check out Delta’s video for Greater Good, Tommy Illfigga and Battlehoggs’ bedroom freestyle, Def Wish Cast with a live version of Uprock, the nasty video clip for Billy Bunks Devil’s Clay, BVA working the MPC and an interview with Clandestine are just some of the 16 segments contained. It’s well put together and makes it an instant and attractive purchase for anyone with a scant interest in the current scene. Well-done lads, great effort.

This Wednesday People Under The Stairs (pictured left) will be performing at the Civic Underground in Pitt St. Yes, it’s underneath the Civic Hotel and the night will be recorded for an upcoming video for their next single The Wiz. And yes, the title might be vague, but it does indicate that it will be about their experience with Australia, it’s people and culture. Nice one. They must love us, eh- Part of the video was shot on Sunday afternoon down at Bondi Beach with a helicopter crew. They have been signed to a UK label, which I might presume would be Yoda and Greenpeace’s Antidote Records. Though where they got the funds for hiring a helicopter is anyone’s guess. The entry fee is only $15 and it’s an exclusive event. So get your skates on and turn up at the door at 8pm. They’ll perform all their classic songs, as well as playing a funk 45 set. Sure to be one of those shows that you’ll want to say you attended.