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Big Day Out - Muckamucks Bringing It!

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Wednesday, 19 December 2007
This BIG DAY OUT the MUCKAMUCKS team will serve up some truly amazing and inspirational sculptural sideshows, as artists from around the world (Spain, Germany, USA) and Australia and NZ converge on the BDO.

From fiery lightning battles to mind-bending head trips, MUCKAMUCKS will expand your consciousness at the BIG DAY OUT! Read on for a taste of what we can expect-

LORDS OF LIGHTNING by CARLOS VAN CAMP (NEW ZEALAND): We've all dreamed about shooting lightning from our hands like the Emperor, but these guys have actually done it! Out of the darkness comes the crackle of lightning bolts from two large tesla coil towers, crashing into the night! The LORDS OF LIGHTNING go on a journey of discovery and interaction with the lightning; climbing onto the machines, they harness the power to direct bolts of lightning. The large twin coil in the show reaches around 4 million volts, and can produce 5 meter long lightning bolts between the two towers! A dynamic battle fires up between the Lords... There can be only one winner!!! Stand back and enjoy the show! Lords of Lightning is showing at all Big Day Out shows.

SIDEWINDER by ROD NASH (AUSTRALIA): Since 1788 many forms of culture have been transported to Australia and have coexisted along side indigenous culture. SIDEWINDER is a dynamic sculptural work that instills a strange feeling of connection with the mythical landscape of Australia. Its form appears as a twisting spine, like some giant and ancient grub from the dreamtime. Its construction, however, is very much linked to rural engineering of galvanized windmills and huge irrigation structures. The rotating form is engulfed in a body of mist, representing the essential ingredient needed to sustain all life and offers the audience a chance to wander underneath and cool down and contemplate its beauty. (Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.)

ROBOROCK by ROBOCROSS & GILES WALKER (GERMANY/SPAIN): The ROBOROCK stage welcomes two artists, Frank Barnes & Giles Walker, who have come together for a world first at the BIG DAY OUT. 'Sticks', Frank's robotic drummer, thrashes out rhythms while the sexy robotic pole dancers from Giles shimmy their stuff. 'Sticks Kicks Ass': This machine has four arms and two legs and plays a full Pearl drum kit with double bass pedals. Including the bass drum, this rocking robodrummer can handle a 17 piece kit. Its favourite music style at the moment is, of course, ROCK although it's soon going to be learning how to play drum & bass too. With our world quickly filling up with robotic servants to industry and commerce, it's inspiring to see some of this technology taken up for a bit of crazy fun. (Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.)

FEUERWASSER by MILES & ZAI VAN DORSSEN (AUSTRALIA): FEUERWASSER displays a dynamic synthesis of elemental forces. Most often perceived as opposites that negate each other, fire and water are coerced together to create an astonishingly poetic tempest of pure energy. This work challenges preconceptions about the nature and behaviour of these fundamental forces, inciting the observer to contemplate the higher mysteries of matter and energy. Presentation of the work hopes to invoke a symbolism rooted deep within the human body and psyche - a universal ritual of exertion and energy exchange, as is the BDO festival itself. (Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.)

QUAD CUBATRON by MARK LOTTOR (USA): 3D graphics have come a long way in the last few decades but no matter how good it gets, the fact remains that all those fantastic software effects are merely a representation of 3 dimensions on a 2 dimensional screen. The QUAD CUBATRON is a cubic array of 5760 colour changing RGB LED lights, all controlled by a computer. The result is a real 3 dimensional array of 'pixels' capable of incredibly beautiful animation and pattern effects. This 6 x 6 x 3 metre dynamic light sculpture is a must see in or around the