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Big Day Out 2008 - Ballots Now Open

Author: News
Thursday, 25 October 2007
Fans who missed out on tickets to Big Day Out 2008 have now got a chance to scrape in at the finish line, as organisers begin their online ballot allocation.

According to the site, tickets for Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney show will be made available on their website via an randomly drawn system.

The ballot will be drawn at 9pm EST Thursday each week, with the first to be held on the 25th October, right up until 27th December.

Says the press release:

"There will be a strict limit of 2 tickets per person for the ballot. As the initial allocation of Melbourne and Gold Coast Big Day Out tickets had a strict limit of 4 per person, if you have previously bought Big Day Out tickets to the Melbourne or Gold Coast event and if upon entering into the ballot you surpass the 4 ticket limit, no tickets will be allocated to you. This also applies to the 2 ticket limit for Sydney. This will be strictly adhered to."

If you've yet to complete the registration, you should do so now! Your sign-up will only need to be done once and will last the duration of the balloting weeks.

Sydneysiders are the only people allowed to enter the NSW ballot.

For more information, head to the BDO website.