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Big Day Out 2008 - Headline Rumours

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Monday, 17 September 2007
With less than four months to go until the Big Day Out 2008 juggernaut rolls into a venue near you, threads from around the interweb are starting to speculate as to who will be the drawcards.

According to internet gossip, Rage Against The Machine will be at the top of the headlining list for their first BDO tour since 1995. The word 'ohmyfuckingodthisisawesome' is used loosely these days, but if they were to be on the stage of each of the tour's legs, we're pretty sure people will line up rather soon.

Also being bandied about is the name Arcade Fire, another group that has seemingly become one of the world's leading rock acts. With a recently released album doing big things around the globe, it makes sense they'd head out on a tour.

Another name of that same killer calibre is Queens Of The Stone Age, another BDO favourite that will only help reinforce the quality of aforementioned groups.

Hot off the press is news that The Smashing Pumpkins will be coming out to brandish their rock stuff, with - we're hoping - a lean towards their older albums.

On the dance front, it looks a bit ho-hum in that we'll be having repeat performances from Carl Cox and The Chemical Brothers, with the latter less-than-likely to appear on the stage, considering they'll be touring with Future Entertainment in March.

Click here for the official lineup.