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Big Day Out 2008 Tickets - Got Yours-

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007
While Melbourne remains the only state with limited tickets on sale, it's official: Big Day Out 2008 is going to be bloody huge.

Yes, there are still ballots being held for each state in the guise of a site that randomly draws out your name.

Yes, there are going to be tickets available on eBay and, unsurprisingly at the door from those impervious bastards looking to cash in on the people willing to do anything to catch a show.

Then again, if you're silly enough to pay shitloads, then it's your own fault. For the same price as, say, these two tickets on eBay, you could have increased your music collection ten-fold, bought live DVDs from shows that are a helluva lot better and a load of alcohol that could've effectively supplied at least four of your friends.

Yes, catching the show is always really cool, but there are going to be times when you wish you were at home with your feet up, listening to the music in your headphones without the need to ache over standing all day with three million others, just because you need to hear Zach De La Rocha scream, "Fuck you/I won't do what you tell me!"

Who are we trying to kid- We're jealous that only a select few of us will be attending and we should've secured ours before it all went nuts.

If you're going, have a blast. If you've had no luck with tickets, good luck in the ballot.

If you're not a lucky ballot applicant, then stand out of the front of the venue and pray they have kick-ass sound.

Got any scoops on where there could be any tickets- Leave your message here and we'll add it to the list!