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Gold Coast Big Day Out - Sold Out

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Thursday, 11 October 2007
Tickets are selling out faster than Myf Warhurst to Triple M (the chick on the right).

Here's the PR.



Following the trend of speedy ticket sales in SYDNEY, 48,000 tickets to the GOLD COAST BIG DAY OUT event to be held SUNDAY JANUARY 20TH JANUARY 2008 at GOLD COAST PARKLANDS have SOLD OUT in record time this morning.

As previously announced, the final 5, 000 tickets will be made available for purchase through an online ticket ballot via the Big Day Out website,

Here's the important stuff

Each week 500 tickets for the 2008 Gold Coast BDO will be made available on our website via an online randomly drawn ballot.

The ballot will be drawn at 9pm EST Thursday each week, beginning Thursday 25th October and finishing Thursday 27th December.

The weekly ballot ticket limit is 4 tickets per person.

As the Gold Coast Big Day Out has a strict limit of 4 tickets per person, if you have previously bought Big Day Out tickets to the Gold Coast event and if upon entering into the ballot you surpass the 4 ticket limit, no tickets will be allocated to you. This will be strictly adhered to.

Registering for the ballot

Registrations will open at 9am EST Thursday 18th October.

You will need to complete and submit the ballot registration page on this website.

Your registration will only need to be completed once and will last for the duration of the balloting weeks.

Make sure you get there soon, or you'll be missing out on things like this:

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