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Money Shots

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Thursday, 1 November 2007
It goes without saying that, for anyone that's been to a doof, festival or club night, there's at least one picture of your stunning face roaming around on the nik-a-nak or street press. We all say, "Oh my god! I've made the street press," or (net-wise), "OMGLOLZ!!!! 1337 pIX0rZ!!" whenever we see our photo roaming around the world.

I'm not quite sure if anyone says "OMGLOLZ!!!!" anymore, but you get the idea.

Anyhoo, we here at Central Station are starting to compile a 'Best Of...' series. We want to put all of the best pictures taken into the one area and show them off to the world.

"OMG! How cn I b nvlvd-", or "Wow! How can I be involved-"

Well, we're glad you asked. You see, it just wouldn't be right if we didn't involve you crazy kids from around Australia. For the next few weeks, we're accepting submissions to our zany pictures collection, with the winner receiving a prize so secret, only two people in the world know what it is.

There are no restrictions on the photos to submit - we want glams, gurns, shuffles, PLURs, candies, hot stuff(s), basically everything that encompasses the world of dance music and the culture of the Australian scene.

To get cracking, simply send your photos to the coolest guy ever and we'll archive it for use on our site.

Cheers tah,