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Climate Festival - Neutrally Yours

Author: News
Tuesday, 5 February 2008
In April this year, a Melbourne-based entertainment company is planning to change the face of dance music festivals.

Newcomer Circus Entertainment is getting together the Climate Festival. Held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the events will cater for 21,000-30,000 people, with the event to be used as a promotional platform to educate punters on the increasing impact of climate change.

Everything from the paper cups, to the media paraphernalia to the massive sound system will be carbon neutral.

As the first event of its kind in Australia (for dance music events), the Climate Festival is already creating interest from media organisations, with promoters stating that 'anyone who is...aware of the inevitable impact climate change has on our planet should be involved'.

The organisers have already aligned with the likes of Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society and many more green companies.

Fern Greig-Moore, PR Officer for the event, says that the group is currently in negotiations with some big name artists from all around the world. While the team is preparing a line-up, locals also have the chance to partake in the carbon-balanced festival.

"(We) are asking for the help of anyone else who is interested in supporting our cause," says Greig-Moore.

For more information, contact Fern here