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John Digweed - Transitions 4 Tracklist

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Friday, 7 March 2008
John Digweed is doing the Future Music Festival rounds right now, which coincides nicely with the tracklist release of the new Transitions compilation.

The Bedrock head honcho has been nothing short of class over the years, which is why it's no surprise there's been a quick follow-up to Transition 3, a record that still gets loads of rotation in the punters' carousels.

Here's the TL:

1. Julien Parise - A5B (Mirko Remix)
2. Henry Saiz - From Empty Lands
Guy J - Geko
3. Jeff Bennett - In Spite
Kabale und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah (Loco Dice Tribute Remix)
4. Nightguy - Pretty Face
Henry Saiz - From Tangled Seas
Myers Briggs - Forever
5. Sian - Wear Your Scars Like Medals
Kim Runic - Suspicious Blue
Two Lone Swordsmen - Shack 54 (Jet Project remix)
6. Plasmik - Pitch It (Claude VonStroke Remix)
Jamie Stevens - Keep Her Space (Smith & Selway's Control Mix)
7. Jerome Sydenham and Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Ink & Needle Remix)
Guy J - Under Pressure
8. Pascal Feos & Marc Mirror - Rezolution
Spector - Mineral Drive (Jamie Stevens Remix)
Jörg Burger - Superpicture
9. Pig & Dan - Dreams of Bells
Emmanuel - Parade (Original Mix)
10. Soliquid - Piknic Bugz (Original Mix)
Soliquid - Piknic Bugz (Gone Wild Mix)