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Drugs Found At Rave - Who Knew-

Author: Alan Satian
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
After a huge sting operation involving officers, sniffer dogs and a healthy dose of heavy-handed diplomacy, NSW police have uncovered a shocking fact-some people take drugs at festivals!

This time around it was Good Vibrations in Sydney, where 68 people were busted last weekend for a string of offences ranging from possession to trespassing.

Of course we all know that people get on it at festivals, and surely everyone's aware of the dangers following a few high profile 'drug deaths' in recent years.

But when the biggest catch on the day was a 34 year old carrying 23 pills and a gram of weed, you have to wonder who is being saved.

23 pills hardly means that Mokbel is back in business, now does it- It's not going to reignite Australia's gang wars or bring down the government. 23 pills probably won't even sort the guys mates out.

And given that the crowd topped more than 40,000 revelers, the paltry haul suggests at least one of the following statements must be true:

1. It's only a small minority that take drugs at festivals and therefore the police are over reacting.
2. Heaps of people take drugs at festivals but the police are rubbish at catching them.
3. Everyone eats their stash at the gate, then hangs on for dear life, which makes it a pointless and dangerous exercise.

I don't know about you, but I don't find any of these options particularly comforting.

But there is a silver lining. At least if a sizable chunk of Australia's festival going community is put off attending these events for fear of prosecution, the rest of us might stand a chance of buying a ticket one day.

That way the gigs can be more like a Wiggles concert and the shameless drug dustbins can wander the shady city backstreets, where they belong.