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Top 5 February Moments

Author: The CS Vault
Monday, 3 March 2008
5. Jane Fonda Drops the C-hizzy on live television
People seem to think Fonda is well past her years, but when you watched the YouTube link that showed her colourful language to a naive world still thinking about her workout flicks, you just knew then that she was still a feisty bitch-ass.

4. The Underbelly Saga
What was supposed to be Channel 9's major comeback to national television quickly became the nation's biggest legal battle, as regulators prevented the network from airing the show into Victorian homes. The issue is, people in the other states immediately uploaded the show once it had aired, to which Vic people started downloading.


From all reports, it might be a big blow for Nine, but the ratings seem to be doing the biz (and the download counts are just as big).

3. Lara Bingle Photos
Bingle's been out of the spotlight of recent - bar the odd sighting at boyfriend Michael Clarke's cricket matches. Publicity stunt- More than likely. It's funny how it coincides with the Fev getting done for speeding.

2. Top 5 Sex Tapes
These are always good fun to watch. Whether out of curiosity or the like, nothing beats seeing your favourite celebrity doing the deed. Who cares if the pictures are fuzzy and it might not be them - it still deserves spotlight.

Good Vibrations Festival
February is a massive month to end the hot season on and this year's Good Vibes festival was nothing short of sizzling, with the likes of Kanye West, Thievery Corporation and Cypress Hill wowing crowds the country over.