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Ebay Scalpers Making Parklife Mint

Author: News
Thursday, 27 September 2007
As Parklife shows sell out across the nation, scalpers on eBay are making big bucks with desperate punters wanting to catch a piece of the action.

In what has become a common practice amongst rip-off merchants around Australia, Parklife enthusiasts are being forced to pay as much as $700 for a pair of tickets to the festival.

Organisers are trying to take measures to stop the practice, with the controversial trade still in the shades of grey with Australian laws.

As laws begin to clamp down on the profitable auction practice, desire to attend the event has become fever pitch.

Both Melbourne and Adelaide shows reached fever pitch with the punters, with reports filtering out of both legs the event has reached new heights, which isn't helping the cause for people to attend PL in their hometown.