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Playground Weekender 2008 - Get In The Know

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Thursday, 14 February 2008
Will there be bars at the festival-
There will be 6 bars located on the event festival site which will cater for all your refreshment needs during the festival. No alcohol is to be brought onto the site (entertainment or camp site area ) if you are found in possession of BYO alcohol it will be confiscated.

I love eating, am I going to go hungry over the weekend-
Festival goers can look forward to a smorgasbord of different tasty delights throughout the weekend. The Playground posse have been sampling and hand picking tasty delights over the year and everyone's tastes will be catered for during the Weekender.

Can I bring my children-
Little people under the age of five years old are allowed to attend the festival as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times. The festival is an " Over 18's event only " and children between the ages 5 - 18 are not allowed to attend due to our license.

Is there a general store on site-
A general store selling provisions, chocolate, newspapers etc will be located on site.

Will there be a lost property and information area-
There will be an information and lost property area where you can check train, boat & playing times, leave messages etc. The location of this area will be revealed nearer the festival date (check out site the map).

Are you going to provide drinking water-
Free drinking water stations will be provided throughout the event site and campsite.

Are there shower facilities-
Shower blocks will be installed in the camp site, please use vegetable based soap and limit yourself to no more than 5 minutes at a time.

What should I bring-
Use common sense , prepare yourself for sunshine and rain. Remember to bring a hat, shades, sun cream, and a jacket .. Slip slop slap.

What can't I bring-
Please see the do's and don't section

Will there be emergency services on site-
There is a 1st Aid station situated on the event site next to the swimming pool rea please refer to the site map.

What is the phone reception like-
There is only 1 pay phone onsite, phone reception at Del Rio is really patchy. So turn your phones to silent and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Can I buy festival merchandise-
Festival and band goodies will be onsale throughout the duration of the Weekender.

ATM's - Are there going to be an ATM onsite -
Bring cash with you to avoid queues, there will be an ATM onsite however if you run out however.

Camera, video and recording equipment
Standard, non professional digital and SLR cameras are all OK. Please do not bring professional still cameras, video recorders audio recorders, tripods and professional still cameras.

Accommodation - I don't like camping what other options are available-
Please check out the accommodation section for a choice of options, which don't involve canvas such as caravans, cabins, tipis, yurts, tent trailers and the tent hotel.

Camping Tickets - I would like to camp what tickets do I need to purchase to camp-
Please note that you CANNOT camp if you have bought a day ticket. Security guards will be
positioned at the entry to the campsite checking camping tickets.

Camp site opening and closing times
The campsite opens at midday on Friday 7 March and closes at midday on Monday 10 March.

Motor Home Tickets - I'd like to bring a motor home do I need to purchase a ticket-
Please go to the Accommodation section of the web site and you can find instructions within the motor home section.

Pass Outs - Can I get pass outs and leave and re-enter the site-
Yes you can your ticket will be exchanged for a valid wristband and you will be able to exit and renter the site.