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Splendour In The Grass 2008 - The Ticket FAQ

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Monday, 31 March 2008
When will prices and other ticketing info be announced-
Around mid to late April, ie the same time as the first artist lineup announcement. You will have to wait until then for any info beyond what is answered below. Thanks for your patience.

When will tickets be on sale-
Tickets will go on sale mid to late May.

Will you be printing names and dates of birth on tickets again-

Why do I have to supply my name and date of birth-
It's an anti-scalping measure we introduced in 2006. All tickets have the attendee's name and date of birth printed on them and then the ticket-holder will have to provide matching ID to enter the festival. For the last two years there were no tickets listed on eBay and we believe we achieved our aim of having only genuine purchasers accessing the tickets. This year all tickets will be bar-coded as well, as an additional security and validation device.

What forms of photo ID will I need to get into the festival-
Driver's licenses, Proof of Age Cards or a current, valid passport. For over-18s, student ID cards do not qualify, nor do household bills or letters. For under-18s who don't have a driver's license or a current, valid passport we will also accept a copy of your birth certificate PLUS one of the following:
- a student ID card
- a bus pass
- a bank account statement in your name.
(Please note that anyone aged 14 or under intending to attend Splendour In the Grass MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 years. Children aged 5 years and under get in free.)

Are wristbands exchangeable, i.e. can I pass mine onto my friend if I don't want to stay-
No, once your wristband is on, it should not be removed. Event staff will be checking wristbands over the weekend to check for breakages, stretching etc.

Can I take my wristband off once I'm inside the festival or any time over the weekend-
No…unless you don't want to get back into the festival. Lost wristbands will not be replaced.

How fast have event tickets sold out in the past-
Each of the festivals has sold out in advance. The 2007 tickets were all gone in around five hours. The 2005 event sold out in 26 hours and 2006 (with a slightly higher capacity) took about 30 hours.

How many event tickets do you sell-

What about camping tickets - do they sell out faster-
Yes, because there is a limited quantity they get snapped up very quickly.

Will tickets be on sale at the gate-

Will you have the 'green ticket' again-
Yes, you will again have the option to buy a green ticket which will offset the average carbon emissions generated by your travel to and from the event. For an additional small levy on top of the regular event ticket price your travel emissions can be neutralised. Further details will be announced with other ticketing info around mid to late April.