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'Bubble Bath' Turns Violent at Summadayze 2008

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Tuesday, 8 January 2008
Video footage of a 'bubble bath' at this year's Summadayze festival has revealed bikini-clad women being subjected to violence and slurs as onlookers do nothing but record the incident.

What begins as a cheery-but-voyeuristic show quickly turns nasty, as a strongly-built male enters the ring and begins harassing the women, to the point he 'body slams' one of them to the ground.

Calls of disgust are lost among the cheer that continues, as the male hits one female repeatedly, dragging her around to an area that seems to be a group of males taunting her as she is stripped of her bikini top and left to fend for herself.

While no official statement has been released, it's alleged organisers are furious at not only the video leak, but also patron behaviour.

Comments on the YouTube page express disgust and disappointment, with one commenter suggesting it was a reason not to go to big events anymore. However, another user, under the pseudonym 'nonaussieguy', suggested it "was the funniest shit eva [sic]".

The footage has since been removed from YouTube.

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