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Ultraworld Festival 2007 - Kryal Castle

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Thursday, 11 October 2007
Beware, ye intrepid ravers!

Hang on...why would a pirate call a raver 'intrepid'- It kind of defeats the purpose of a pirate being menacing, especially in the frilly shirts and such.

Not quite sure what pirates have to do with raving, or castles that are in Australia for that matter, but in a couple of months both brave and vulnerable souls will be attending another big bash up in Ballarat.

Apparently, people are getting 'ready for another trip into bat country', though having personally lived up there for five years, there were no sightings of bats.

Anyhoo, the kids over at Hardware and KillRockStar are pulling their battalions together to bring you Ultraworld, a festival of sorts that's heading back to the castle with a swag of international superstars, both of of trance and tekkers.

Of course, it wouldn't be a festival without Paul Van Dyk, arguably the most revered trance dude around. Reinforcing the stage will be Yoji Biomehanika, John 00 Fleming, Adam Beyer and loads, loads more.

We mean loads.

The important ones also in support are as follows:

Hallucinogen, Schpongle, Joel Mull, Remo Con and castle native (probably...if he was Australian and living here), Chris Liberator.

Furthermore, combining the enchanting castle setting with full camping facilities, mammoth production and the best local and international lineup to date, come and dance away the hot summer's night under the moon and stars. So, to the thousands in attendance we say this: lets get ready to rumble!

Check out the events page for more info.