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ARTS - One Man Star Wars Trilogy Pt. II

Author: Darryn King
Monday, 28 April 2008

Charles Ross condensed the entire Star Wars trilogy into a one-hour show where he performs everything himself… and we do mean everything. It’s an amazing achievement, but Ross doesn’t want it inscribed on his tombstone. This week, we talk to him, as a performer, about his craft.

Do you think anyone can do impressions and impersonations-
I believe that everybody who does impressions, they’re either a Kermit the Frog or they’re a Miss Piggy. I’m sure there are people out there who can do both. But I’m a Kermit the Frog rather than a Miss Piggy.

Is the show exhausting for you- Physically and mentally-
No. Not at all. Well… when I’m having bad shows it can be. But it’s more emotionally draining because when you start the show you’re staring down an hour. It’s like having to go do exercise or a run. So when you look how far you have to go, and you know you have to go this far, how do you do it, you know, if you’re feeling like a bag of shit-
Plus being away from home, you know. That’s really tough, being away from my family and my now fiancé – we’ve been together 10 years, I asked her to marry me three days before I left – she said yes, which is good…

Tell us about how you put the show together. Did you have to sit down with a pen and paper and watch the films again-
No, matter of fact, this show was organic in its creation – I didn’t bother to go through the films. This is where compulsiveness takes over: it’s second nature. I can immediately immerse myself in Star Wars and be able to speak in that Star Wars language where all I’m doing is bits from the film. So the script was very natural, it wasn’t a hard process.

Are you the biggest Star Wars fan in the world-
One of them. Not the biggest, no. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even call myself even in the top… billion. There are people out there that are just obsessive. So many people have said, “I had that same idea man, I had that same idea…” I’m like, ‘great, but you didn’t do anything with it, didja- So… shuttup.’

So what are your aspirations for the future-
Continuing to work as an actor. I originally did this show so that I could have a bit of autonomy as a person. And if anything, it’s put me into a sort of pen. Now I’m better known as a solo performer as opposed to someone who can work with other people, even though that’s where I started off… So you’ve got to be careful what road you start going down… I don’t know, I’ve tried to be a bit more fluid, a bit more Zen about the whole situation…

WHAT: One Man Star Wars Trilogy at the Metro
WHEN: Tuesday 29 April – Saturday 3 May