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ARTS - One Man Star Wars Trilogy

Author: Darryn King
Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Canadian-born actor Charles Ross watched a lot of Star Wars growing up. So it was only natural that he condensed the entire Star Wars trilogy into a one-hour, one-man show and started performing it to audiences around the world… right- Right-

Are you an obsessive personality-
More compulsive than anything. There was no reason I had to watch Star Wars. I wasn’t making any grand plans when I was a kid; I watched it because I honestly loved it. Is that compulsive- Obsessive- I’m not sure, I guess I am.

I guess it’s too obvious to ask if Star Wars was a big thing for you as a child…
Where I grew up, there wasn’t a lot as far as entertainment was concerned. We didn’t have any television reception. All we had were videos, and we only had three to choose from: Blue Lagoon, Star Wars and Shogun, the mini-series. I found Shogun to be incredibly boring at the age of eight, and Blue Lagoon… well, I wasn’t into Brooke Shields at the time. Star Wars became an influence almost by default rather than choice.

How did you develop your skills of impersonation-
I was always jealous of the fact that other people could do it. It was a good jealousy, one that spurred me on to want to do the same. Any good impersonator will only put their best stuff out there – and I don’t do that, unfortunately; I do all the poor ones as well as the good ones. Some people say to me, “I can do a much better Yoda,” and I’m like, “I’m sure you can. Enjoy it.”

Is there any one character whose voice proved particularly difficult to pull off-
Yoda. And I don’t think I do pull it off, I’ve never pulled it off. I get his intonations really well, but as far as his vocal quality, his voice- No. I believe that anybody who does impressions is either a Kermit the Frog or a Miss Piggy.

It sounds like the important thing to you is the overall product, rather than the constituent parts…
The task I’ve set up for myself is to ooze, to encapsulate, this huge story that means a lot to people. I’m trying to be respectful to something I love, but at the same time trying to be general, and something everyone can appreciate and understand.

WHO: Charles Ross
WHAT: One Man Star Wars Trilogy at the Metro
WHEN: Tuesday 29 April – Saturday 3 May