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Stylin' 899

Author: Alyx Gorman
Wednesday, 12 March 2008


L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival wrapped up on Sunday. The frock-fest ran for seven days, during which the great unwashed were given a rare opportunity to mingle with the fashion-set by purchasing tickets to runway shows (strictly no front row, darling), listening to lectures and attending various social and cultural events. Our picks of the week were the Independent Runway Show (check out this week’s interview with show-stealer Alvin from Saint Augustine’s Academy); Del Katherine Barton and Romance Was Born’s Garden of Eden installation; and Oyster Magazine and Polaroid’s fantastically fun official after-party.

Virgin has teamed up with Fashion Assassin to produce a range of scarves designed specifically with festival going (V fest in particular) in mind. These Afghan-style scarves are emblazoned with a bright red Fashion Assassin cross, and also include a V Fest logo. The run is limited to 200, and they can be bought from

In a surprising show of diplomacy, Kanye West says he was not offended by Spanish fashion house Balenciaga’s decision not to invite him to their show, even though he requested a ticket. The house feels the rapper’s image is not inline with their own. In a statement on his blog Kanye stated (sic): "I totally love and respect any designer that won't let me come 2 there show... it's their show... they don't owe me anything."

In new spokesman Keith Richards, Louis Vuitton have finally found a face that embodies everything a LV travel-case should be: leathery, well worn and rich. It’s the first time Richards has ever aligned himself with a brand or label. Campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz.

British photographer Nigel Barker has travelled to the ice floes of Northern Canada to raise awareness of the plight of baby seals (one of the cuties featured left). The photographer plans to snap before-and-after shots; depicting live seals at play, and then returning to snap photos of dead and dying seals during hunting season. The practice of seal- clubbing, although widely condemned, still takes place on a large scale. Barker’s work is timely, as parts of the European Union consider a ban on seal products.

Saint Augustine’s Academy is a label with its style well and truly figured out. Their hot-rock attitude and on-stage swagger has taken them far - from the independent runway at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival last Sunday to the backs of some very famous rock and rollers. 3D caught up with designer Alvin Man recently to find out what beat he’s been dancing to lately.
Tell us a bit about your upcoming collection.
‘Happy Endings’ is our Autumn/Winter 2008 collection - it was inspired by New York and the street photographer Amy Arbus, in particular her collection of ‘80s-‘90s portraits called ‘On The Street'. The whole collection is in a monochromatic colour pallet of grey, black, white and silver and pieces are named after clubs in NYC like Knitting Factory and Mr McGoo's.
What will happen to rock and roll style when skinny leg jeans go out of fashion-
Skinny leg jeans will never go out of fashion! They've existed for decades now and I don't see them dying out anytime soon.
Who is the most famous person you dressed, and what did you put them in-
Tommy Lee bought a pair of our leopard-print skinny 'Riot' jeans. That was particularly cool because he actually spent his own money on them.
Our other favourites have been The Rapture, Interpol, and we gave Farris from The Horrors our gold lurex cardigan from last season.

Have you ever thought about branching into womenswear-
All my female friends are always harassing me to make womenswear, and it’s something we would like to do in the future. But it’s cool because a lot of our oversize t-shirts are kind of unisex and can be worn as mini dresses.
I always seem to be missing clothes the morning after...
Who was Saint Augustine, and what does he teach at his academy-
Saint Augustine was the saint of rock ‘n’ roll. He was considered a rebel for his outrageous ideas, and created the concept of the "Original Sin".
What does a Saint Augustine Academy groupie look like-
A mix between that hot black-haired chick from Wheels & Dollbaby, and Karen O.