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Stylin' 900

Author: Alyx Gorman
Monday, 17 March 2008

As the big fashion weeks wrap up, smaller events crawl in to fill their place. Last week's offerings included Tokyo Fashion Week, in which cute and quirky ruled and silhouettes played with proportion; L'Oreal Toronto Fashion Week, which pulled in students from major Milanese fashion schools; and LA Fashion Week, in which Nikki Hilton showed a collection (need we say more-). Up this week is Dubai Fashion Week. While we aren't sure about the clothes (we're guessing long, formal and really, really sparkly) - we're certain the crowd's net worth will be substantially larger than the GDPs of many small nations.

Henry Holland, the House of Holland fashion designer of “Flick your bean, Agyness Dean” and “What a corker Karen Walker” fame, has just produced a one-off, bespoke, couture treat that will have fashionistas fleeing in fear. It's a one kg milk chocolate Easter egg, hand decorated with the House of Holland logo (see left). The egg was crafted for UK chocolatier Thorntons and will be auctioned on eBay for children's charity Bernardos later this week.

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) held a bash recently to announce the nominations for this year's CFDA's Fashion Awards. For the big gong, womenswear - Marc Jacobs, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough for Proenza Schouler and Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein are all in the running. Accessories nominees are Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs; while the menswear prize will go to Michael Bastian, Thom Browne or Tom Ford. While most of the nominees have been up for awards before (and in the case of Marc Jacobs in the accessories category, won them more than once), the annual gala winner announcement is more about what one wears than what one wins anyway.


In less than two years Stitch Ministry's clever knits and creative cuts have spilled over the edge of their native New Zealand and washed up all over the world. Keeping Sydneysiders blissfully cool even as they deliver heat-chic to New York, everyone wants to pull on stitch ministry. 3D caught up with designer Kylee Davis to find out what proposals are flying around the ministry.

Tell us about your current collection.
The Winter '08 collection “The Wild Ones” is inspired by the rebellious attitude and style of the '50s and '60s Mods and Rockers, as well as the structure and practicality of the military. Gang back-patch inspired embroidery and prints are throughout the collection along with our own take on a feminine, modern camouflage and it's associated palette. Designed ideally for layering, some key elements take the form of parka-style coats or cropped biker-shape jackets finished with heavy metal zips.

What is fashion's single greatest achievement-
Casual Fridays - when they were introduced in the States in the '80s it revolutionised fashion by initiating the acceptance for smart casual dress in a business environment.

What is it about New Zealand that churns out so many talented designers-
Back in the settlers days our distance from the rest of the world required innovation when needing something repaired or replaced anytime soon. What initially appeared as a hindrance has led Kiwis to have a strong 'can do' sense. Also being a small and competitive culture inspires us to not only do one better than each other, but show the rest of the world we can cut it with the best.

Explain why those who think knits are for Nanas are wrong:
Because your 'nana knits' are frumpy, boring winter woollens that Grandma makes. Modern knitwear is smart, stylish and comfortable (t-shirts are knits!). The coolest thing about knitwear is that you can construct whatever you want, from scratch, using a cone of yarn (cotton, nylon, silk, merino or whatever) and your imagination. No relying on fabric suppliers. Knits cover the body in a way other fabrics are not capable of. Depending on the types of yarn, they can be sheer and sexy or cute, soft and cuddly.

Nudie Special

Just before the festivities, 3D caught up with nudie boy Jason Alton for a chat about the party, the collection, and all things nudie.

Throwing a rock concert is a novel way to launch your new collection - what made you decide to do it-
Mmm… Well I guess it beats doing a fashion parade

Were you worried about letting members of the public in on what would normally be a private party-

No, not at all. This party is for all people who love our jeans and not just people who think they're someone.

Why Tiger Army-
Tiger Army to me are one of the few bands out there that still makes me want to party. They have a way of peacefully being loud.

Tell us about your latest collection-
Flare Glenn is back from his five-year vacation.

You're a label with a conscience - can you tell us about your work with Amnesty, and your organic ranges-
This is best explained on our website ( and our back pocket booklets. But what I can say is they are the two most important values behind our brand and why I feel we have been so successful.

How do you feel about sharing your name with a brand of juice-

Hasn't their factory burned to the ground twice-