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Stylin' 903

Author: Alyx Gorman
Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Zac Posen for Target launched late last week but the buying frenzy was nowhere near the levels reached by the Stella McCartney range. A sales assistant from Bondi Junction assured Stylin’ that there were still “lots and lots of people”, though. Just prior to the release a Melbourne-based fashion designer tipped the collection to flop, as it lacked “bogan appeal”. Certainly not short on the bogan appeal is Collette Dinnigan’s lingerie range for the retail giant. Set to be released on the April 17, Dinnigan’s collection, ‘Wild Hearts’, features vintage style lingerie in a variety of prints (one on left) The range is the first time Target has ever used silk fabrics in its lingerie. Dinnigan’s collection will retail at around $40 and up for bras and $16 and up for underwear and will be available up to size 20.

Sports brand Champion has undergone a dramatic makeover. The label has toned up and increased its flexibility with several new clothing ranges including yoga, dance and street as well as a brand new advertising campaign - to go with the transformation. The new face of Champion is leggy Fox Sports blonde Lee Furlong. To see the new look for yourself visit

In a counter-intuitive finding, it seems that as the price of gold rises on the stock market, so does the demand for gold jewellery. Over the past decade platinum and silver have proved more popular choices than gold when it comes to jewellery sales, but now as more media attention is being paid to the value of the precious yellow metal, gold jewellery demand is spiking, proving that bling is still very much a status symbol.

The Autumn/Winter collection for Meet Tyrone, a quirky graphics based Sydney label, has just landed in stores. Meet Tyrone is now in its second year, and is rapidly developing a following throughout Australia. Our picks of the collection are the mens jackets, they’re made from hoodie materials and cut in non traditional shapes, for a look that’s as cultured as it is cosy. For stockists visit

US Menswear designer, perfumer and Wintour favourite Tom Ford recently revealed to Vogue UK that he has designs on the Whitehouse; or a Whitehouse candidate’s wardrobe at least. “"I think he’s a great-looking guy but I think his suits don’t fit him very well," Ford said of presidential hopeful and flaming hottie Barack Obama. "I think he’s a terrific potential presidential candidate and I'm very excited as a Democrat, so Hillary or Obama, I like both options. I wouldn't mind dressing Obama. I wouldn't say he's badly dressed, but he could sharpen up his look a little better."

Interview: This is Genevieve

Who is Genevieve-
This is Genevieve is designed by a Sydney based designer Genevieve Er. She designs clothes and jewellery and will soon be launching a capsule range of swimwear.

Tell us about your upcoming collection-
The upcoming Spring/Summer ‘09 Collection is more whimsical and feminine than previous seasons. Based on Fables, you will see jewellery with lions, witches and wardrobes, flying pigs and cows jumping over moons. For our clothing line, in addition to unique prints we have explored dyeing effects on fabrics. We have continued to incorporate detailed craft elements with embroidery, beading and crochet. Something exciting and new for us is our first capsule collection of swimwear. 

You’re prints are so cute! Can you tell us about them-
I love creating prints. The process is frustrating at times especially when it comes to perfecting colour ways but it’s another way to express your self through your collection.

Are you conscious of designing for a particular market-

I design what I or my friends would like to wear I hope that if I stay true to this principal the clothes will find themselves worn and loved by others too.

Who would you love to dress and what would you put them in-

Britney Spears! I’d start with underwear.

Best/worst parts of being a fashion designer-

The best part of being a designer is seeing you clothing in store. The worse part is time… I never seem to have enough of it.

Your collections are so playful, how do you stay in touch with your inner child-

Too much coffee, and karaoke.

A field guide to the models of Sydney

In the big cities where bird life is hard to find, admirers of beautiful creatures have to turn to other hobbies. Model-twitching is the latest craze sweeping the streets and we’re here to help with our new guide. All this week’s models are signed with Chadwick Models.

Charly is an introduced species native to Brisbane that can sometimes be seen fluttering around the streets of Sydney. Charly will soon become a migratory model, with a trip to Japan planned in the near future. Charly can be recognised by her shocking red plumage and pale skin. Charly is a medium sized example of the model genus standing at around 5’10. Model-twitchers have reported recent sightings of Charly in the Zac Posen for Target advertisements, Culture Magazine and the Romance was Born show. Charly is known for her interest in paranormal investigation.

Max is an introduced species that recently migrated from the Gold Coast. At this point Max is non-migratory, preferring to stick to his natural Surry Hills habitat. Max has a wide range of different calls, he is able to speak four languages fluently. Max’s distinct markings include honey coloured skin, golden brown plumage and blue eyes, which are occasionally masked by spectacles. Model-twitchers have reported sighting Max in Poster Magazine and Fashion Assassin campaigns. Max stands at 6’1.

Lauren is a native of Sydney, with plans for a migration to Japan currently in the works. Lauren can be spotted by several unique markings, including brilliant green eyes, pillow-y lips and long brown plumage. Lauren is small for her genus, with a slender build and standing height of 5’8. Lauren has recently been spotted in Oyster Magazine and the Romance was Born show.