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Stylin' 904

Author: Alyx Gorman
Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Fashion weekend is set to be one of those rare opportunities when theindustry and the public collide head-on in one weekend long fashion,beauty and shopping binge. Will you be tired and broke afterwards-Probably… Will it be worth it- Wardrobe says yes.
This week we caught up with two of the designers exhibiting.

Pratten Interview

Tell us about your upcoming collection.
Pratten is excited to be showcasing their new collection of accessoriesmade in exotic leathers, from colourful eel skin to sultry metallics.Pratten has expanded their classic wallet and clip purse range, addingsome glamorous evening clutches and day bags, as well as keeping onsome old favourites, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

What drew you to participate in Fashion Weekend-
We heard about its tremendous success in the UK and thought that it wasan exciting opportunity to be involved with, in that it would reach ahuge audience.

If you could change anything about the Australian fashion industry, what would it be and why-
We think that the fashion industry is very exciting and innovative atthe moment with so many new and up and coming designers. The only thingabout the industry that could be changed is there could be moreopportunities for these designers to showcase their collections to abroad audience, both here and overseas.

Who do you envisage wearing your clothes-
We envisage our accessories to be used by women of all ages and sizeswho enjoy having fashionable pieces in their collections, and who takepleasure in owning different and exotic leathers.

Are you excited to be involved in fashion weekend-
We are extremely excited to be involved in the Fashion Weekend, and to be showcasing alongside so many iconic designers.

One Teaspoon Interview

Tell us about your upcoming collection
Well, what it comes down to is this. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. I took alittle inspiration from famous music festivals like Woodstock, threwthe aristocratic heroines of the Roman Empire on the dance floor, thenbrought the whole collection together with the help of Mad Max: TheRoad Warrior.

Alright. What drew you to participate in Fashion Weekend-
Alyson had a good pitch.  I liked her so I went with it.

If you could change anything about the Australian fashion industry, what would it be and why-
RETAILERS HAVE THE POWER OVER OF THE DESIGNERS – WHICH WILL ULTIMATELYLEAD TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNIVERSE FOREVER. Not really. I justwatched Transformers. I’d change nothing.  For every two wankers,there’s one person who is awesome.  That’s fine for me. 

Who do you envisage wearing your clothes-
Women who drink beer come to mind.  But not to alienate the wine andchampagne drinkers - I have something in there for everyone. BacardiBreezer girls: I have nothing for you.

Best piece of style advice-
For me it came from my mum when I was seven. 
Jamie: “Muuuuum, I want a cabbage patch doll for my birthday.”
Mum: “Why would you want one of them-  Be a leader, not a follower. Be the black sheep, not the white one.”
Cliché’, I know. But it stuck.

From me I’d say.  Steer Clear of trends.  They make for terrible photos down the track.

Are you excited to be involved in fashion weekend-

In bad news for tanned teens and gingers (who enjoy giving themselves skin cancer), solarium use by under 18s and those with fair skin will be banned in NSW from 1 January. The move comes in the wake of similar action by Victorian and SA state governments, although some politicians are arguing that the ban did not come soon enough. While olive skinned adults will still be allowed to use sun-beds in the New Year, the frequency of their visits will be limited to no more than one every two days. Coin-operated tanning beds will also be banned in an attempt to prevent high risk usage. No word yet on how the cosmetic surgery industry feels about the legislation. With less solarium use, there will be less call for them to lift the leathery faces of chronic tanners.

We’ve been finding it very hard to leave our computer lately, after the launch of new website, late last week. The site features the best of new international art, music, design, illustration and fashion, all in a very slick package. Don’t be surprised if, after a few minutes of browsing around, Lost At E Minor suddenly seems way, way cooler than leaving the house. But remember, after all the trendy stuff you’ve uncovered won’t mean anything if you don’t go out and share it with the world.

Also online is Paddington designer boutique Parlour X. The top end shop has just begun a process of uploading all their products, so you can see the frock you want before you pop into the boutique. Alternatively, if you can’t make it to Glenmore road, email their dedicated sales service and have the garment specs laid out for you, then buy online or over the phone. Parlour X stocks clothes from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Viktor and Rolf, Zac Posen (the price tags have several more 0’s than his target collection mind), and Hussein Chalayan. If we could actually afford any of it, we’d be jumping for joy. Read and weep at

It’s only two weeks until Rosemount Australian Fashion Week kicks off and we’re wetting ourselves with excitement. While the official list of designers showing isn’t up yet, we do know that Kirrily Johnson will be opening. Also in the bill is Thai-riffic label Sretsis, purveyors of urban luxury Ginger & Smart, witty Kiwi Kate Sylverster (if her summer collection is half as good as her winter offering, Art Groupie, it will be a triumph) and Australian style-star Michelle Jank.