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Stylin' 905

Author: Alyx Gorman
Monday, 21 April 2008

In an effort to re-vamp his brand, Tommy Hilfigeris aligning his American-Prep clothes with the music industry. “Fashionbrands have to reinvent themselves, just like Madonna does. We felt itwould be most appropriate to connect Hilfiger to new media and to thebrand’s heritage with music,” Hilfiger told The Times late last week.Soon to be launched, Hilfiger’s online music program, titled Tommy TV,will feature exclusive content from musicians like Beyonce.

The new issue of our very favourite magazine Oyster hit the standslast Wednesday. If you don’t buy one and read it cover to cover, youwill never be popular or cool.

Peaches Geldof and Daisy Lowe have been announced as the presenters ofa new fashion series. Spread over five episodes, the series centresaround Glamour’s ‘Best Dressed’ list. The show will feature interviewswith those who made the cut, and comments from various style-savvyexperts. Made for digital channel Fiver, the series will air later thismonth. The Fiver director of programmes Hannah Barnes said of the deal:“I am delighted that Peaches and Daisy have agreed to front thisexclusive series for Fiver… It's a real coup to have such fashion iconson board - they are a great addition to the launch line-up for Fiver.”While Fiver may think it’s a coup, we think otherwise. The day PeachesGeldof can be legitimately referred to as a fashion icon is the day wequit the industry. Daisy’s alright though.

France is attempting to illegalise the encouragement of ‘extremethinness’. The bill, which has just passed into France’s upper house,would make the encouragement of the unqualified term ‘extreme thinness’punishable with fines and even jail time. Primarily targeted at‘pro-ana’ websites that offer tips and tricks on self-starvation,there’s a chance that, if passed, the bill could also affect thefashion industry. Parisian modelling agencies are unfazed by thedevelopments.

With only one week to go until Rosemount Australian Fashion week kicksoff, things are getting hectic around Sydney. You may have noticedlarge groups of leggy girls roaming the city streets with foldersclutched in their hands. These are models attending the countlesscasting calls that are happening around the city. Keep your eyes onStylin’ for a bit of Fashion Week indulgence next week, followed on the12 May by a huge (well, three pages) RAFW wrap-up.

Leonard St Interview

Can you tell us about your upcoming collection-
Next spring summer is all about colour! Lots of brights: tomato, berry,purple, layered with cool tones pale greys, soft blue and prints. Ihave developed three prints for second summer 09; a bold block tribalprint, a soft floral with block colour contrast panels, and myfavourite the “wings” print, which is a merge of wings with flightyflutter feel...  Focus is not my forte so it’s a real merge of stories.There’s a Spanish inspired group; lots of off the shoulder numbers witha flamenco feel. A street look inspired by mixing military, nauticaland casual living, and a saucy secretary look; what I would wear toexpress myself if a was working in an office environment – geek chicbecomes boardroom bombshell. Second summer is print-heavy, far morewhimsical for balmy nights and sandy days, or urban hot summer warrior!

What drew you to participate in Fashion Weekend-
I used to go when I lived in London and loved it. A celebration offashion lifestyle and the opportunity to get a close look at designersand their unusual pieces. Often the highlight samples are the best topick up that cautious boutique buyers walk past. It is also a chance asa designer and a wholesaler to have some direct contact with the publicand see how they react to different shapes and colour palettes, whilstbeing surrounded by some of the best designers in Australia; goodcompany.

Best piece of style advice-
Wear what makes you feel good, wear what you like, don’t listen to your friends. Fashion should make you smile and enjoy it!

Milk and Honey Interview
Can you tell us about your upcoming collection-
The Spring Summer 08 collection draws influence from the 1940s Parisianmovie Les Enfants du Paradis. With colourful characters such ascourtesans and mime artists set against the romantic backdrop of theFrench theatre, it was the perfect platform to conceptualise the nextMilk and Honey collection.
What drew you to participate in Fashion Weekend-
It is such an exciting concept – it’s a fashion devotee’s paradise!Also, aside from being in the excellent company of many of Australia’sleading brands, it is the perfect opportunity to offer some of therarer, hard to get Milk and Honey pieces along side our covetablesignature staples and Sweet Cheeks denim for great prices.  

Who do you envisage wearing your clothes-
Milk and Honey is for that girl that loves and respects fashion butwants something a little different, a little left-of-centre. We are abrand that combines both simple and crazy to create somethingunexpectedly beautiful.

Best piece of style advice-
Don’t be afraid to wear something a little different, it’s amazing how good it can make you feel.

What’s one question you’ve always wanted to be asked in an interview, and what’s the answer-
Which part of my wardrobe would I grab first if my house was burning down- My shoes of course.