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Stylin' 906

Author: Alyx Gorman
Monday, 28 April 2008


Dainy, (BODY)
In the lead up to Rosemount Fashion Week we find the team working at an accelerated and quite frenetic pace. The finishing touches are being put on the collection and the styling of the parade. Our runway props are being finished and our marketing department is ensuring all our very special clients, delegates and press have their invites and seating allocation in order. All last minute touches are being meticulously completed to ensure another fabulous show.”

Alvin, (St Augustine’s Academy)
This year is crazy! In the past few weeks I've had to plan all the creative aspects of our off-schedule show; everything from the music, the lighting, the styling and the bands we have playing the after-party. Luckily I've got on board an excellent team that are working just as hard as me. On top of that, I've been selling the collection to all our interstate stockists so flying back and forth every few days. Right now all I really want is a cup of tea and a good lie down...

Mz Fitz - Stylist
I’ll be art directing and styling the Trimapee show. That means tying the collection together, choosing music, hair and make up, choreography and models as well as working with the designers on the whole direction of the show. I’ve had no time to get ready and I’m shitting myself! I haven’t even decided what to wear (ed. note: for stylists this is not a secondary consideration). I feel like a dirty punk – three years ago I was a Brisbane anarchist studying political philosophy and now I’m styling one of the opening shows for fashion week… I have nothing else to say.

Robyn Wilson – Artist and designer
I have designed an LED video installation for Wayne Cooper's RAFW show, inspired by the Spring Summer 08 collection 'Clouds and Rainbows'. Featuring a culmination of kaleidoscopic clouds, skies and colours, the video has been designed to compliment the collection story, creating a fully integrated audiological and sensory experience.

Wayne and I worked closely together on the installation; it is always a wonderfully rewarding experience… So far the project has unfolded fairly smoothly, though we are still days away from the show and anything could happen.

This piece has been produced through my creative studio, View of Courage Studios, with the cinematography and editing done by the amazing Alban Zeka. We all look forward to seeing how it unfolds on the night.

Go to and check out more of View of Courage Studios work.

Kylee, Stitch Ministry
For our group show at RAFW we flew our show stylist, Ryan Lobo over for a whirlwind 24-hour visit to go through the collection and finalise the outfits along with the required garment amendments. Ryan also had input on the chosen music for the show and once three tracks were decided we liaised with the group’s show music director, Joe Lewis, who kindly mixed the tracks.

To coincide with the runway show, Stitch Ministry have been asked to participate in the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise showroom at the Billich Gallery. Preparation has included printing banners, compiling marketing packs including music CDs, look books and price sheets, and confirming sales appointments.


Industry-only events can be a bit of a bummer when you aren’t exactly industry. Looking in at the glamorous life causes feelings of pain and inadequacy that can only be quelled by quitting your desk job and begging for internships (then you’ll understand true pain and inadequacy) or scamming the system that is keeping you out. Here are our proven ways to industry inclusion.

1. Volunteer – if working low-skilled jobs for free and staying on your feet for hours at a time is your cup of tea, why not register to volunteer next time fashion week roles around- Sure it’s menial and degrading, but you do get to touch models and skim discarded gift bags, and if you do it for a few years they’ll often let you rise through the ranks (no, you still won’t be paid).

2. Look the part – if you are going to try and talk your way into after-parties by claiming you work for an international style blog or are related to Paris Hilton, you’d better look the part. If you are good looking and well dressed enough, the door girl is going to want to get you in anyway. When it comes to crunch time “my intern should have RSVP’d me… he’s so incompetent,” works a whole lot better than, “Don’t you know who I am--!”

3. Carry a camera – the bigger the better. When it comes to getting into things, a huge, expensive camera screams status like nothing else. If you’re packing serious flash people won’t even want to check your pass.

4. Be prepared to spend – the best way to build up relationships with the sort of people who’ll help you get into shows is to find them out on the town, buy them a drink and have a chat. Don’t stop buying them drinks, eventually they’ll feel drunk and obligated enough to lend you a hand (not in that way).

5. Know the low – It may seem like a good idea, but hobnobbing with models, fashion designers and senior journos requires way more charm than the average person possesses. Try it and you’ll come off as an awkward, needy social climber. You’re way better off befriending the caterers, vollies and assistants. Not only are they easier to talk to, they may well be so grateful to get a bit of attention they’ll want to sneak you around with them.


Meet Tyrone S/S 08 Launch
Meet Tyrone’s Spring/Summer launch was an intimate affair conducted at hip retail space Roof on Fire. Guests sipped on lurid green Upsynth mixers and nibbled at boxes of Wagamama – harder than it looks when you’re standing up. Space was tight, which meant guests had to duck and weave around each other, the clothes (that were suspended from the ceiling, installation style), and a giant neon apple. The apple fell subject to foul play later in the evening, and some skittish guests feared electrocution from errant florescent tubing. But it was the clothing that proved to be the life of the party, Meet Tyrone’s formal cut jerseys look both comfortable and elegant.

Myspace Fashion Au Launch
MySpace doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to parties, more people turn up than should be allowed, the police are called and days later you find yourself still drunk, talking to Today Tonight about the event with a pair of bright yellow sunglasses on to hide your bloodshot eyes. Fortunately, this was a party organised by MySpace, not through it. And as anyone who’s ever been to a secret show will know, those are much better. This party celebrated MySpace’s collaboration with three popular players in fashion media: Oyster Vision (video content), Pages Digital (news) and Trender Bender (Street Style). There were a few Very Important Fashion Journalists™ in the crowd, alongside representatives of the various organisations involved and er… us. The Ravonettes DJ set had everyone in good spirits, and more than a few people toddled home afterwards to delete their Facebook accounts.


What: Trimapee RAFW official after-party
When: Monday the 28th from 9pm
Where: Oxford Art Factory – 46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
More: For free entry tell the door staff that you are one of god’s mistakes. Free drinks for early comers.

What: Stolen Girlfriend’s Club launch
When: Wednesday the 30th of April from 10pm
Where: Oxford Art Factory
More: To RSVP visit

What: No Answer
When: Saturday the 3rd from 9pm
Where: Q Bar and 34B, Oxford St Darlinghurst

What: Whoo Knows Honey
When: Wednesday 30th April from 6pm
Where: Somedays Gallery 72b Fitzroy Street