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Stylin' 907

Author: Alyx Gorman
Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Fashion Weekend Sydney, the public’s answer to Sydney Fashion Week is coming up soon. We chat to the organisers of Fashion Weekend to find out what it’s all about.

What is the idea behind Fashion Weekend-
It was an event we originally started in London eight years ago.  As a company we organise London Fashion Week, the industry-only event and we set up London Fashion Weekend in direct response to the number of requests we had from the general public who wanted to attend London Fashion Week but couldn’t. As the event is such a huge success in London (18,000 women spend over £1 million on the designer clothes and accessories on sale there) we thought the idea would work in Australia. Fashion Weekend gives the general public the chance to buy clothes and accessories directly from an array of top designers at reduced prices, see a fabulous live Catwalk Show, sample, try and buy the latest makeup and skincare products and to have hair and beauty makeovers.  It’s the ultimate fashion day out!    

How do you go about choosing/asking designers to be featured-  
To keep the standard of the event as high profile as possible, we invite only top fashion designers to be part of the event.

The event is also held in London, can you tell us a bit about what the UK event is like-  
In London, the event is a 5-day event held twice a year in the London Fashion Week directly after the trade event.  Over 150 fashion designers take part in the event and now 18,000 women attend each season, spending over £1 million on the clothes and accessories on sale.  It’s a fantastic event, for which tickets sell out weeks in advance – in time, we’re hoping for the same success in Sydney!

What are your key buys for the season-
Jo’s are: a pair of lace-up brogue-style shoe boots, a white leather My Pet Square scarf and a CC Sky black leather padlock cuff.
Aly’s are: a Kate Hurst ballerina dress, Jessie Hill blue lace-up boots and Antipodium runway overcoat.

Tell us what some of the highlights of the weekend will be-

The Canon IXUS Catwalk is the main feature of the event which is a 350 seater catwalk show that will run every hour of the event showcasing the latest collections from labels including Nicola Finetti, Milk & Honey, One Teaspoon, Manning Cartell, Alex Perry, Bec & Bridge, Melanie Cutfield and Jayson Brunsden.  All tickets booked in advance to Fashion Weekend Sydney include a seat in the Catwalk Show and tickets are selling fast so we’d seriously advise people to book in advance!

Remember, we still have 10 double passes to give away to Fashion Weekend Sydney, but we need to send them out so get in quick. Visit the competitions section of to find out more. To find out more about Fashion Weekend Sydney visit

It is a sad fact of nature that men and women are not created equal in all respects. For while women possess an innate gift for cleanliness, it seems men have quite the opposite tendency – a natural propensity for being both stinky and gross. With this in mind, we’ve written a quick guide to some of the essentials of male hygiene.

Washing: The old maxim “after a while of not washing, your hair starts making its own conditioner,” is a literally filthy lie. It was invented by people seeking to justify their own low standards and is today toted by greasy fifteen year-old goths whose dyed black hair hangs limp and stringy ‘round their faces. There are two simple parts to washing your hair, the first: shampooing is what stops you from smelling like a wet dog; the second: conditioning is what makes girls or other boys say, “Ohhh! He has such thick, shiny hair, I just want to rub my hands all up through it!”
We recommend: The L’Oreal Homme range of shampoos and conditioners or Sebastian Xtah® Raw Sensuality shampoo and conditioner.

Styling: It is possible to have not just clean, but also neat hair. While this is a more advanced step and not needed for those with tight curls (unless you hate them) or floppy bangs (unless they’re making you one, and you want to stiffen them). While there are all sorts of wonderful things that can be done with styling products, we can only take you through a few.
If it comes in a little pot and it’s opaque, it’s a wax. Wax is used to add volume and texture to hair with a medium to strong amount of hold, if you have short hair and you want to give it texture, try wax.
Gel is clear and feels so gooey and springy. Gel is great for slicking your hair back (although old school boys use pomade) and really bad for most other things.
Spray is used to bring hold to longer hairstyles. If the bangs on your bowl cut keep separating, spray is your guy. Similarly, if your two-foot mohawk keeps flopping to the side, you should have used more spray.
We recommend: Redken for Men Outplay styling products.

Washing: Just as washing your hair is a two-step process of cleaning, so too are there several steps to washing your face. You have to both cleanse and moisturise if you want to look neither spotty nor old (stressful, we know!), and you should also be using an eye-cream when you get passed 21, so you can still look like Hugh Hefner when you pass a ripe old 121. There are now plenty of good skincare lines out there for men, which is good because men and women’s faces have very different needs, plus, your mates are less likely to take the mickey out of you when they see it in your bath.
We recommend: Task Essential Cleansing Facial Wash followed by Task Essential Skin Feed Face Moisturiser and Nivea for Men Revitalising Eye Relief Q-10.

Shaving: Not everyone does this anymore, and by all means a little bit of stubble can be very nice, but if you are going to shave, it’s important to have the right tools. The first thing you need is a razor – the better the quality of razor, the better the shave, so you can throw out that hundred-pack of yellow, disposable ones right now. The easiest way to shave is to fork out for an electric razor, but good ones cost, so have a think. When shaving, you are going to need a cream to stop you scraping your chin off, and something to calm your poor, screaming face down afterwards. If you use the right stuff it will even prevent itching later on.
We recommend: Trishave 3-in-1 Shaving Cream or Mario Badescu Peppermint Shaving Cream (if you feel like splashing out) and Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort Post Shaving Balm.

Body: You need to shower every day. That’s right: Every. Single. Day. There are two options for cleaning yourself in the shower, the traditional method of soap, or its younger cousin shower gel. Soap lasts for ages and is great value for money, also your mother taught you how to use it as a child, and, like riding a bicycle, that’s something you won’t forget. Shower gel is good because it’s easier to lather, can have more cleaning, softening and other elements in it, and your friends can’t get their pubes stuck in it when they crash at yours.
Right after you shower you need to use a deodorant, we recommend a roll-on so you don’t smell like a cheap jock. That way you can wear a nice cologne and it won’t have to compete with a smell that is essentially twat in a can. Those ads with the deodorant loving ladies- Wrong. Deodorant is used to make you smell less, not more. To prove my point, think about how much better women in perfume smell than twelve year-old girls in pink ‘deo’. Not that we’ve ever smelled a twelve year-old before.
We recommend: Cowshed Bullocks Bracing Bodywash or Cussons Imperial Leather soap, followed by Rexona for Men Roll-On deodorant.

For more info on products visit:,,,, and


Rachel Gilbert Runway Parade
Every so often an event comes along where there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The Rachel Gilbert runway parade at Trademark’s shiny new venue The Piano Room was one such party. While we suspected we were the poorest people in the venue by a great number of 0’s, an on-site application of I Nuovi cosmetics soon had us feeling like a million dollars. Cocktails, wine and beer circulated the room constantly, leaving the crowd well oiled and talkative, while it was difficult to resist hunting down canapé-carrying waiters (by which we mean we spent our whole evening doing it). As for the parade itself, the models were stunning and the clothes – a range of evening wear – were elegant, glamorous and sparkly without being overstated.