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Monday, 21 April 2008
It comes with great pleasure to reveal that one of our writers, Paul China, is about to make his directorial debut on a feature film. The project will be based on his own script, titled All the Tired Horses, and has been described as a 'stylish independent film' with a 'gritty examination on personalities and sensibilities'. Below is a synopsis:

'The film is a modern dramatic-thriller set in a rural, desolate outback town. While transporting stolen money to his employer, an endearing criminal and his young accomplice are involved in a critical accident which provokes an investigation by the local, ageing sergeant and his naïve son. A shocking, yet humorous chain reaction builds to a bloodcurdling, unforgettable climax.'

Australian actor James With, who recently appeared in Rambo (2008) and is credited alongside Nicholas Cage in the upcoming Bangkok Dangerous (2008), will star in the film, as well as produce. China Brothers Productions, the company Paul co-founded with his brother, is collaborating closely with Tri-Us Entertainment on the project. Wholly Australian locations for the film are yet to be decided, although principal photography is expected to commence this year in the spring.

As an important contributor to 3D World for the past year, Paul has held the reigns of the popular Off The Reel film column as well as reviewing films and keeping our readers in check with the world of classic horror. All of us here at the magazine will be sad to see him go, yet wish him the best of luck with his film!