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Blazing Angels 2: Secret Mission Of Wwii

Author: F Moops
Monday, 29 October 2007
Xbox 360



I wasn’t around for World War II and I don’t think I know anyone who may have been. But if I did know someone who fought in that terrible period of our world’s history, then that would make me a lot older than the average age of a game reviewer.

So what can be said about Blazing Angels 2: Secret Mission of WWII- Well obviously not much considering that fluffed out filler intro. You play as Cap-tain Robinson, same character from the previous game (the one that didn’t end with the number two). The game-play is very similar and a lot of the flaws that existed in the first version have carried across into this game.

The targeting system still feels very clumsy, the story is thin and the enemies continuously re-spawn, showing no traces of individuality and leave you yearn-ing for an old fashioned dog-fight. Also, there’s no altimeter. Fly into a white puffy cloud, lose track of which direction you’re heading and you may come out heading into the blue sky or plummeting into the ocean.

The graphics, of course, are better this time ‘round and everything looks much prettier (even though it’s still during the war). There’s also a nice mix up of real and prototype planes that will keep most blokes happy, with some amazingly fancy weaponry.

Not far into the 18th mission you’ll be graced with secondary weapons like rockets, which here on in will be easy to come by. Rockets work much better than machine guns and a weapon unused is a useless weapon, hence your machines will become useless. This also means that from here on in the game becomes much easier. Not a bad thing though, it’s good to feel like a flying ace that no one can stop.

While single player mode is pretty satisfying (if you overlook the above men-tioned flaws), multiplayer mode is a lot like the ugly friend you need a wing-man for. We’ve come to expect a good old ‘multiplayer’ on these war games, but in this thing it was just a little lacking in the excitement arena. Online game-play lagged a little and there was simply not too many people to play against (or no one dared take on the Moops).

I know I’m just bitching now, but come on, they’re making some amazing games at the moment that are really pushing the medium forward - and then there’s games like this…  they’re OK but nothing to SMS home about. Proba-bly a ‘rent-before-you-buy’ title that you can’t help but have fun with but doubt the fun value will last.