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Colin McRae: DIRT

Author: Memphis Raines
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Playstation 3
Codemasters / Atari

Having to review the latest game in Colin McRae series from Codemasters only two weeks after the legendary rally drive was tragically killed in a helicopter crash is a difficult task.

Having been previously released a few months ago on the Xbox 360 and PC the final game in the Colin McRae franchise has now been released on the Playstation 3 and is a fitting conclusion to the longest running rallying console game.

Traditional rally games have always been a non event for the American markets: the idea of driving a Fiat down a dirt road just doesn’t appeal to the beer’d up NASCAR crowd. Despite the fact the games have gone on to sell in their hundreds of thousands in Europe, Codemasters have been left with a big task on their hands.

Dirt aims to bridge this gap with its blend of simulation and arcade game play and wide variety of game play options, doing away with boxing the player in to the standard rally gaming options. There are six new options to chose from; Rally, rallycross, hill climb, CORR, crossover, and rally raid. And while most people may not recognise these names I assure you they are a great inclusion in the game and a hell of a lot of fun.

The game play is nothing short of amazing. The developers have been meticulous in creating Dirt, tightening up the frame rate (from the Xbox and PC releases) for a smoother experience, adding minute details like dirt and mud sticking to your car and glass shards shattering on impact.

The sun-draped tracks are gorgeous and are easily navigable, due to clear commentary and a well designed GUI. You will have lots of fun with this game!

Multiplayer is a lot of fun. Within minutes you’re in a ‘hub’ rallying against other players in real time. Select your race type and vote a track and that’s that. It’s edge-of-your-seat rallying.

I found it hard to find a problem with this game but if I had to it would be the menus: yes, they are beautiful and giving you real-time stats like your favourite tracks or vehicles, your average speed, longest time in air and even your favourite driving surface is a great feature - but I find this to get annoying after a while as it drags on a bit.

Overall this game is fantastic. Its blend of simulation for the diehards and arcade style game play for the weekend players gives this game appeal for anyone after a bit of fun.