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Drawn To Life

Author: Jackie Emery
Thursday, 4 October 2007

THQ / 5th Cell

Ever played a game and thought you could totally come up with a better fictional world, or designed more awesome heroes and cooler weapons- Now there‘s a new game that lets you do just that. Or at least, that ‘s the promise of Drawn to Life.  
Uniquely suited to the DS touch screen / stylus system (anyone who’s tried to draw with a controller would know the pain), the premise of Drawn To Life is admirably simple. The game player takes on the role of  ‘Creator’ to a species of cute critter-like creatures called the Raposa. To save the Rapas, you must wield your stylus to customise heroes out of mannequins who will re-capture the world from the clutches of evil. The heroes can interact with the Raposas in the village setting and then embark on quests consist of various 2-D platform levels. Rather than using his omnipotent powers to simply defeat the evil forces, you the Creator must conjure up helpful tools for the heroes throughout their quest by doodling weapons, moving platforms, transport and various objects around the village.

But the novelty of having some creative freedom soon wears off. Indeed, this freedom is often limited to colouring-in existing templates and the outlines drawn with your own shaky hands. While it is still pretty impressive to see your freshly created images animated, the mediocre design and repetitiveness of the 2D platform levels quickly gets boring. For anyone who ‘s grown up with all the old school, classic 2-D platformers, Drawn To Life offers nothing original or exciting in this regard.

I would have killed for this game when I was 12 years old. But that‘s the thing – sadly, I ‘m not 12 anymore. This game really is best suited to the pre-teen audience and would leave the older-gamers panting for a little more sophistication in design or captivating game play. Although, I have to say, whatever your age may be, it never gets any less funny to see your rude / stupid doodles come alive and kicking some bad asses on screen.