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Halo 3 - Finish The Fight

Author: Nickolai de Policia
Thursday, 27 September 2007
The Oxford Art Factory was packed with some of Sydney's best and brightest stars on Tuesday night. From Boys II Men singer Wanya Morris to Sex-a-Pill advocate Bessie Bardot, the caliber of talent that came out to support the charity centered event was as high as Oprah's blood pressure. However, one star clearly stood apart from them all. Decked out in his trademark outfit, armed to the teeth, and with his image being projected on the many LCD screens encompassing the venue, it was overwhelmingly apparent that this was his night. Enter Halo 3.  
The event marked the Australia-wide release of one of the most anticipated games on any platform since its predecessor debuted almost three years ago, and gave yours truly the opportunity to become one of the first in the continent to trial it. Now for all the gamers out there who feared that this final installment in the Halo trilogy would fail to meet the almost impossible expectations placed on it, rest assured: Halo 3 is everything we had hoped it would be and much, much more. That's my word.

The combination of the familiarity you feel in controlling the master-chief coupled with a new arsenal of weapons, vehicles and gadgets (keep an eye out for the Gravity Hammer ;p ) reduced this gamer to a single-minded zombie that even the cleavage of a barefoot, and apparently drunk Krystal (Big Brother bunny) nor a possibly panty-less Erin Mcnaught could distract in the slightest. To put it simply it was the greatest game I've played in my life, but hey, I'll leave that for you to decide once you get your hands on one.

Honorable mention to big Phrase and the band whose performance, with supporting artists such as the beautiful Jade McRae and Kenny from Karnivool, got the crowd jumping and managed to divert my attention from my epic Halo battles for at least five minutes. Hell, I even saw Wanya from Boys II Men bopping his head to Face-It, the single featured on the Halo 3 soundtrack.

But to be straight up with you, at least for me, the night was all about the game. And if you can muster up the courage (and the connection fee for X-Box Live), I'll see you on the battlefield.