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Halo 3 - The Last Of Master Chief-

Author: Geoff Larsen
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Halo, I love you, won’t you tell me your name-
There are few things in this world more depressing than seeing a bunch of people line up for the midnight launch of a game. I mean, are they actually going to play it at three in the morning when they get home- In London, several midnight launches were cancelled for fear of the chaos it would cause - literally an attack of the nerds. Anyway, Halo 3 has landed on our shores and, considering one in four Australian Xbox 360 owners had pre-ordered the game, I can assume that if you own an Xbox you’ve at least heard of the game.
The ‘conclusion’ to the Halo saga sees the protagonist Master Chief hurled into an alien-infested Earth and given the task of achieving peace… WITH GUNS! Fans disappointed with the length of the previous game will be delighted to find that they can follow the Chief for 15 hours of blasting Covenant soldiers, brutes, The Flood and anything else that happens to pass through his crosshairs.
Also included in the game are an expansive multiplayer mode and an easy to use level editor that allows the user to create pretty much anything they can imagine, upload it and play it against their friends. Xbox Live Gold members will be able to receive free additional content that has been downloadable from last Thursday.
Fans of the series will love to get back in the suit of the Master Chief and those that have avoided the series thus far may find something to like within finely tuned action and vehicular combat. Those that buy games for massive explosions and pretty colours won’t be disappointed either.
Is this really the last we will see of the Master Chief- With a spin-off title already confirmed by Microsoft I would seriously doubt it.