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Need For Speed: Pro Street

Author: Jake Harvey
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Xbox360Electronic Arts
Pro Street is EA Sports’ latest interpretation of the wellknown street racing game, Need for Speed.So if you take your Fast and Furiousa bit too seriously, or you are living your life a quarter-mile at a time, Need for speed is the game for you. This editionstands out from the past Need for Speedgames. Gone are the days of the aimless driving around searching for racingevents – this is now replaced with a slick-looking and easy-to-use menu, meaningmore racing time. The racing categories are still much the same: drifting, dragracing, grip racing, and high-speed racing. Specialised cars are now requiredto compete in each event, so your dragracing Civic won’t cut the mustard in adrifting event anymore.One of thebiggest improvements in Pro Streetover the previouseditions is that the races are now held on closed roads or specific circuits,rather than the use of public roads. As scene in past editions, there are nocops busting your chops or glamourising driving like a maniac which is so ripeamongst the demographic that Pro Streetis aiming towards.To say thateverything is better in Pro Street would be an understatement. Thegraphics are fantastic on the Xbox 360 and playing on Xbox Live is a good testto see if you are actually as good of a driver as you think you are. The levelof detail is incredible, from the finer details such as reflections on thebonnet to the feeling of the speed is very authentic. You know when you’ve hitthe nitrous.   I don’t thinkEA ever set out to make a Gran Turismo,so if you’re looking for a true-to-life racing game experience, this gameprobably isn’t for you. EA has taken into account what the young car communitywants in a game. Majority of the cars available are models that the demographicwould own themselves, unlike games such as ProjectGotham. Pro Street’s ability to customise cars is right on the money.Previously, you were rewarded by the use of attaching, installing or sprayinguseless items onto your car. Now items such as roof scoops are actually uselessand things such as spoilers can now be tuned in a wind tunnel to increase theperformance, handling and aerodynamics of the car. This option would have manyrice boys wetting their pants with excitement. One gripe I dohave with the game is that all available car parts are branded by big namecompanies, who have obviously paid big bucks. You start to wonder if you areplaying a game or reading a parts catalogue.Still, if youare into rice boy racing cars, American land yachts or Euro trash cars, Need for Speed Pro street has probablygot something for you.Need for Speed-Pro Street also features Krystal of Big Brother fame in her latest attemptto squeeze her tits into something. The Pro Street’sversion of Krystal isperfect, from her lifeless personality, to her unrealistic boobs. Perfect forthe American market, the great cultural hub that it is!