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Numark TTX

Author: Gizmo
Thursday, 4 October 2007
When you first gaze upon the TTX, you know that this is something very different from the rest of the competition. Rather than taking the safe route and catering for the established market, Numark decided to design the ultimate deck.
For a turntablist like myself, the TTX is a dream. Virtually unskippable straight arm, double on / off buttons, way more accessible pitch control and strong torque make using a TTX a near perfect experience. Being able to use keylock also makes for honing juggles just that little better as well. The 50% pitch range also allows for a greater range of audio trickery as well. But mix DJs will also benefit from this large arsenal of tool at their fingertips. While concessions have been made to make the TTX an amazing scratch decks, it's for all styles of DJs.
With the changes that have been made over the last 4-5 years, the TTX has matured into a product that is hard to fault. And the addition of USB-connectivity seals the deal.
The pure volume of features can be overwhelming to many, but mark my words - no turntable offers the features that the TTX does. And it still comes in at cheaper than its rivals.

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