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The NL On The Beat - Anime Sydney Halloween Party

Author: Geoff Larsen
Monday, 29 October 2007
On the full moon of All Hallows Eve the mad scientist that is my editor removes the chains from my coffin-like abode and sets me out on a rampage. In a lustful frenzy I search for a place where I can feed on the life fluids from the long slender necks of virginal beer bottles. My senses led me to the defiled grounds of UTS Glasshouse bar where ghoulish anime fans were gathering to perform their bizarre and carnal Halloween rituals.
Truly an abomination unto the lord, the AnimeSydney Halloween party made everything that is naughty, oh so nice.
There is an unwritten law that every anime event must feature Cosplay of some kind and this night was no different. Black was the colour of preference as the attendees appeared as all manner of creatures from the depths of the underworld. There were demons, witches and erm, maids…um… EVIL maids! I even caught sight of a person dressed as a ninja and a pirate, I call her Pinja Nirate.
Part of the sacrilegious ceremony was a slave auction where members of the various anime clubs were sold of to buyers who were told they could do “whatever they wished with them” for two hours. On sale were several dudes and one other dude who was dressed as a chick with bunny ears who, after several beers, still wasn’t very attractive. Still, all proceeds went towards the Starlight Children’s Foundation so it was all for a good cause.
Everyone at the event was quite friendly and it was a fantastic place to meet like-minded individuals and discuss mutual interests. The majority of the crowd found entertainment in the lighthearted antics and events that took place on the main stage while others created their own entertainment by role-playing, games of pool and pumping quarters into the close-by arcade machines. Special mention to the guy who dual wielded guns in a game of Time Crisis, you sir, are truly of the divine.
Halloween comes but once per year but fear not anime fans because the fun isn’t over yet! On the first not-so silent night of December AnimeSydney will be holding a Christmas Party at The Red Room. For more info strap on your Santa beard and head on over to for halls decked with jolly details. I’ll be there donning my gay apparel, Grinch-like, probably attempting to round yon virgin, so if you’re a fanatic or casual anime fan come along ringing those jinglebells.