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The NL issue 876 - Tokyo Game Show and Indiana Jones IV

Author: Darryn King and Geoff Larsen
Thursday, 13 September 2007

The Nerdlinger advises: don’t spray on your cologne while you’re yawning. It’s not tasty.

Recently taking on the title of ‘Largest Video Game Expo In The World’, the Tokyo Game Show - happening this weekend - will once again drive the Internet community wild at the end of this month. What does that mean for us here in lil’ ol’ Sydney- Usually TGS is the unveiling ground for games so awesome that they make us forget about the awesome games we were promised the previous year that are sitting unopened on our shelves. All the big names are appearing; Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Konami and Square-Enix. Expect a bunch of new Final Fantasy games to be announced and some last minute news on all the juicy Christmas titles we should be receiving in January (will we forever be slaves to America’s schedule-). Prepare for in-depth looks at Super Smash Bros Brawl, the next Devil May Cry and a little title called Metal Gear Solid 4.

Indiana Jones is one of those movie characters whose reach goes far beyond the realm of movies, to become something of a pop culture icon - like Darth Vader, Freddie Krueger and Mrs Doubtfire… which is why the following item is here, but also in this week’s Film section… Anyway, that’s my justification. Whatever. Here’s the NL’s take…
If you didn’t know that there’s a fourth Indiana Jones flick in the works, then you need to sit down and reprioritise your life. Steven ‘All My Films Are About Absent Fathers Spielberg and George ‘All My Shirts Are Checked’ Lucas are at the helm, with Harrison ‘My Last Good Movie Was Clear And Present Danger And That Was 13 Years Ago’ Ford reprising his role as the guy with the whip and the hat.
Karen ‘I Can’t Believe She’s Still Attractive’ Allen will reprise her role as Marion Ravenwood from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. She will be joined by Cate ‘My Portrayal Of Bob Dylan Is Just Plain Freaky’ Blanchett and Shia ‘Riding On The Disproportionate Success of Transformers’ LaBeouf.The fourth installment is to be set around 25 years after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade left off (18 years ago). This will place Indiana Jones IV in 1957 - which probably means no Nazis, I’m afraid. Screenwriter David ‘I Can’t Think Of A Pithy Gag For This Guy’ Koepp (Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds) has, to his credit, refused to write a ‘fan script’, opting for realism instead… “No human being remembers exactly what they said 25 years ago,” Koepp told Film Stew earlier this year.Frankly, I’m fucking excited. This is a movie that people - myself included - were talking about around 15 years ago. It really wasn’t meant to happen: the trilogy is so perfect, why would you touch it-
But let’s face it, Spielberg is the master - and he has promised via the official website that this will be the sweet dessert after bitter dishes like Munich starring Eric ‘God I Hope Nobody In Hollywood Uncovers My Ray Martin Impersonation’ Bana.
Other Spielberg news- He’s being petitioned to sign on to direct Jurassic Park IV; he’s on board to direct the first in a new Tintin series of movies; and he’s set to direct an episode of the American version of The Office (go figure).
Oh, and as for the name: 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'.
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