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The NL issue 881 - Supanova: The Final Frontier

Author: Geoff Larsen
Thursday, 18 October 2007
There is life other than our own: strange misshapen forms that lurk in the dark places beyond the boundaries of imagination. They sit and they watch - they are always watching. From what I could discern from this year’s Supanova most of them are watching late night reruns of Robotech with a smidgen of Stargate on the side.
As I entered the convention I met the passionate and the blasé. There were those who could hardly contain themselves as they spoke about the video game characters they were dressed up as and others who mocked my lack of professionalism (with good cause). There were big names such as director Greg Mclean, small names like underground artist Meg Campbell and a whole lot of other names I can’t remember or hope to pronounce.
Fans flocked to see their favourite Sci-Fi stars, paid insane amounts for their signatures and then tried to squeeze as much information out of them as possible.
Being an expert at squeezing out things I figured I could get some juicy information out of them too. Farscape’s Lani Tupu was in attendance and stated that the cancelled show would continue in webisode form. Battlestar Galactica’s Nicki Clyne stated that there was a bunch of big surprises for fans in upcoming seasons and Who Wants To Be A Superhero’s Fat Momma warmed our hearts by sending a message to her fans that they should be proud of who they are.
Entertainment of every conceivable form was on display but the biggest form of entertainment was the fans themselves (and that is meant in the most loving way possible). Fans came dressed as everything from movie icons to cartoon characters. Away from the stars and booths and mountains of memorabilia the fans created their own entertainment with parades, presentations and group performances. There was a dance off to a Haruhi Suzumiya song (---), a cosplay competition and - best of all - a wrestling match starring the western suburbs’ most successful fighter The Bogan!
Being at Supanova, you couldn’t help but think that the attendees were a little over-obsessive, though after mingling with authors, fans and stars I couldn’t help but get caught up in the wave of excitement that flowed through the place. Once you get past the fanaticism and over-attention to detail you begin to release that everyone is just having fun and that in the end was what Supanova was all about. While the capes and lightsabers are the first things that grab your attention, the sheer mass of smiles is the memory that you come away with.
Truly the fans at the show were at a level of ecstasy that I may never know - so what if the source of that ecstasy is from watching the animated exploits of Japanese schoolgirls living on the planet Omicron Persei 8- As agent Mulder once said ‘I’ve seen the life on this planet and that is exactly why I am looking elsewhere.
Keep on Trekkin’.