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The NL issue 887 - Deus Ex, Mario Galaxy, Witchblade and more...

Author: Geoff Larsen
Monday, 3 December 2007

Hot off the presses, Eidos have granted the wishes of hardcore gamers across the world by announcing a new edition in the Deus Ex series. The original title which was released way back in 1999 was praised for its revolutionary gameplay, life consuming story and general brilliance. Often considered to be one of the top five games ever made, the original Deus Ex was loved by fans and the critics stated that Deus Ex was the start of a video gaming revolution. The revolution never happened and instead developers released a bunch of World War II games that drove everyone insane. After a mediocre sequel the series finally looks to be getting back on track with a return of the open-ended gameplay that made the original so popular. In case you are new to the party: if you enjoyed Bioshock you’ll love Deus Ex. A recently released teaser trailer presented a dystopian future where genetically modified individuals, which the protaganist of the original was, are discriminated against and persecuted.  The cryptic trailer that has fans coming up with all sorts of theories features the tagline, “Who we are is a stepping stone to who we can become”.


Got Wii- Wii is now officially the fastest selling video game console in Australia’s entertainment history. Selling 200,000 units in just under a year, Australia loves Nintendo’s Wii console. While our shores are only getting some of the better games about now, we Aussies have been supporting Nintendo’s little slugger since day one. We are an innovative people and love innovative things and the Wii’s amazing Wiimote technology certainly fits the bill. Top that off with a slew of great downloadable retro titles and a control system that requires you to look idiotic when using it and you’ve got yourself a classic. Let’s see if we can get it to 400,000. Get one for your great grandma for Christmas – she’s probably the only person who doesn’t have one.


What good is a best selling system without some classic games to play on it-  It is a paperweight for your flash drive, a pocket protector for your stylus, lens cleaners for your contacts (I really am a nerd aren’t I-). A little gift from Nintendo for the holidays, Super Mario Galaxy hit our shores last Thursday 29 November. Selling over two hundred and fifty thousand copies within the first week of release in Japan (that’s more than the amount of consoles there are in Australia), Super Mario Galaxy is the fastest selling game the Wii has seen – no lean feat considering practically everyone who bought the console picked up Zelda. As of now Super Mario Galaxy is universally the best reviewed title of the current console generation and is listed on Metacritic as being the second most popular game in history. The newest entry in the series sees our chubby domestic drainage engineer bouncing throughout the galaxy on his quest to get the girl and buttstomp the giant turtle guy. Featuring environments that rely on shifting gravitational pulls and having more power-ups and transformations than any previous game in the series, Super Mario Galaxy is sure to be an exciting new adventure with an old mustachioed friend.


Soldier of Fortune, the Raven Studios hit FPS, was a manly man’s game about three things: blowing up stuff, blowing off stuff and getting blown… up- OK, make it two things. The game and its sequel were both extremely well received by blood-lusting psychopaths and anyone else who needed to let off some steam. Five years after the release of the sequel the third title in the series was announced and the fans rejoiced. Doubts that new developer Cauldron HQ were not up to the task were quickly laid to rest after videos of the blood-soaked gameplay made their way onto the Internet. Of course, on hearing of this the OFLC banned the game making it illegal to be sold or imported. It has recently been announced that Activision will be releasing a new edited version of the game to pass through the censors. The new version will feature significantly less blood and have no dismemberments whatsoever therefore making the existence of the game pretty much pointless. I really don’t get it, the OFLC green lighted Clive Barker’s Jericho for release and that had you wading through endless amounts of human fecal matter… Stage a revolution and bring down censorship for the good of all nerds.


We all have our big-breasted fantasies: some of us like big breasted maids, some like big breasted nurses and some even like big breasted men… but only after I have a few drinks. Well, jigglybit fans, Yoshimitsu Ohashi, director of the popular and bouncy series Galaxy Angel, is at it again and now wants millions of otakus to obsess over busty bitches. Witchblade is the story of a single mother who survives a near-apocalyptic event with her daughter. As she returns to the site of the catastrophe, a legendary power within her awakens and she transforms into the scantily clad Witchblade, whose mission it is to kick ass, take names and reveal skin. The American TV version was censored due to the revealing nature of some of the costumes – however the DVD version, set to be released here on the 5th of December, features the original animations intact. Of course this doesn’t matter to you because you are only buying it for the story, right-