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The NL's 12 Games Of Christmas part 2

Author: Geoff Larsen
Friday, 23 November 2007

Deck the aisles with games of awesome. This Christmas, gamers everywhere will be having their stockings stuffed with plastic boxes and reflective discs. The NL’s Geoff Larsen has played through them all to bring you the NL’s second installment of the guide to your silly season spending spree.
Oh, and by the way, Guitar Hero 3 was featured in our first installment, but we couldn't resist using this picture... You forgive us, right-

Xbox 360

Bioware are the western RPG kings. Now Bioware is trying its hand at creating its own sci-fi world in which to create an epic tale from. A labour of love, Mass Effect is shaping up to be the must have RPG of the year with gorgeous visuals, a deep engaging storyline and most importantly killer gameplay.


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is an adventure romp unleashed by the creators of the excellent Jak & Daxter series. Players take control of a man plopped into a dense jungle for some Tomb Raideresque gameplay. Borrowing elements from RE4, Gears of War and chucking in a healthy dose of platforming, Uncharted looks promising indeed. With the exception of a questionable RPG on the Megadrive which only I owned, developer Naughty Dog have yet to release a game that hasn’t turned into a blockbuster and Uncharted doesn’t look like it is going to break that mould.


is published by the peculiarly named Gamecock (respect) and is something we’ve yet to see on the DS: a horror-based shooter. Set in an abandoned hospital, Dementium sees you gunning down big breasted abominations, walking through corridors of blood and all that other stuff you don’t want your kids to get their hands on. It looks to be the best that the genre has to offer, regardless of console. The game hasn’t been confirmed to be coming down under but due to the DS’s lack of region lock you can import a copy from the US and play it without any modifications to your console.


UT3 promises to melt your graphics card with insane effects that a few years ago would have seemed to be science fiction. The gist of the game is that a bunch of people are getting together to shoot each other. That’s right, this game is pretty much exclusively multiplayer, so if you are looking for an in-depth story mode prepare to be disappointed. Still, this is as good as multiplayer gets: vehicles, big weapons and individual traits for each player. There is a singleplayer portion for those eccentrics out there but the game is designed to be a multiplayer experience.


You’d be forgiven if you thought this was a kids’ game – well, it is definitely small tyke-friendly, but the incredible depth and rarely touched gameplay style is so deep that grown gamers will probably have just as much fun with the title. Z&W is an innovative third person adventure that follows Zack on his quest to become the greatest pirate ever! Already receiving rave reviews in America, Zack & Wiki promises to be another fantastic Capcom game that, like Okami, God Hand and Killer 7, no one will buy because of its weird name.


Currently taking the rest of the civilised world by storm, Super Mario Galaxy has been called the greatest platformer Nintendo have ever made. That is high praise and it seems the game lives up to it. In this outing, Mario adventures through space, jumping between planets where everything has its own gravitational pull. The concept may sound a little weird on paper but Nintendo has pulled it off perfectly, combining the new fandangled controls of the Wii with classic NES Mario gameplay. Considered to be as close to perfection as a game can get, sporting a lengthy adventure and a two-player co-op mode, Mario Galaxy is an easy contender for game of the year. Even if you hate platformers and plumbers, if you own a Wii you will be buying this.