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Wireless Internet With Optus

Author: Laura Parker
Wednesday, 23 January 2008
Wireless Internet is the new kid on the block. Designed to make the World Wide Web accessible even in the john, this new fad is saving thousands of lives from death by boredom on really long train trips and giving people something to do at their grandmother’s house. But who can be bothered setting something like that up, what with all the forms and the installing and pressing of the buttons-

Optus Wireless Broadband has come to the rescue with its new Roamer USB modem, which can be used on any computer with an available USB port, anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is plug the little sucker into your port (that’s what she said) and you’re off. No heavy installation process, no registration, no pressing the ‘OK’ button a thousand times and, best of all, no phone line is needed.
The wireless coverage reaches 96% of the population within Australia on GSM and there’s even international roaming for all you travel monkeys. Whenever you move across the Optus networks your computer will automatically update and seamlessly choose the best connection with no interruption to the service.