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ATFC - Onephatdude

Author: Rezo
Monday, 26 November 2007
ATFC,the main man of onephatdeeva, is celebrating New Year’s Eve in the best maypossible – by playing in Sydney! 3D’s Rezo had a chat with the BritishDJ.If we all knew that doing some weddings andbirthdays would set us up for a magnificent career, then we would probably alldo it. But alas no, it takes a certain commitment, a fair bit of skill andperhaps even a stroke of luck. And for Aydin Hasirci, all of these starsaligned perfectly.“Yeah, I’ve been a DJ for 22 years, 10 ofthem professionally. The previous things I was doing, was a bit of mobile discostuff, so yeah, that was my apprenticeship.”It has been a busy year for the boy as well– he has just moved to Spain, which has been “interesting”.“A move like that is pretty big-time, butI’ve also focused on some production, releasing on other people’s labels – andthat has been a great help in promoting me. There have been some changes in theindustry and that’s been pretty cool. I’ve traditionally been known as funkyhouse but I’ve really crossed my musical horizons a bit and as time has movedon, I have changed a bit as well. I’ve done this ATFC number featuring ArminVan Helden where he sings, which is coming out on Southern Fried! I actuallynever thought it would see the light of day; I sent it to him on he got back tome! There are a few other collaborations coming out too; stuff with people likeMark Knights coming out on Toolroom and that is something that I want tocontinue doing.”His method is also pretty straightforward.“I never try not to make meaningful records,” he says. “I’ve always been intocrowd pleasing as a DJ and that always comes across in my productions. I havetried to go a little more underground this year, but I am still essentially aDJ. I always cast my eye to the ladies because if they aren’t dancing – andthey generally don’t like anything too deep and nasty – that’s no good.Intrinsically, it has been more commercial and I don’t think that’s a dirtyword; it just means more people are into it than not. I don’t go out of my wayto make commercial music and I hope it’s not seen that way. For example, mysecond record was totally different to my first and that’s because you try notto make an identikit copy of what you have done before. A record can work foryou, but also kill you.”WHO:ATFC
WHAT: Plays Cargo Bar
WHEN: Monday 31 Decemebr