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Acid Jacks - Jack Us Off

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Asking whether what Acid Jacks doesis art is the epistemological equivalent of asking Catholic girls if they arevirgins. The question has more grey area than Le Cercle Rouge, with slightly less trenchcoats. Ultimately though,it becomes academic: both Acid Jacks and Catholic virgins are endlesslyentertaining in a very dirty way. And 3D’s Carlisle Rogers would know… Interviewing –or trying to pin down – Acid Jacks is like catching a greased pig. It doesn’ttake long before you end up having the conversation; who greased this pig- Does helike his job- What did he use togrease it- Comprised of Honeysmack, aka David Haberfeld, and his partner,who has gone by Ant, Bing Bong Cobra, Boris the Spider, and about fifteen othernames, depending on which door bitch you ask, Acid Jacks are really just partyDJs, playing whatever the fuck they like, to a sexy crowd. Isn’t that what weall got into this shit for in the first place- With a hugeOneLove tour happening, then a string of summer shows including Stereosonic andthe usual NYE mêlée, the new OneLove compilation featuring the boys doing thebackroom disc for the second time has perfect timing. “There arethree people mixing the new OneLove compilation,” Honeysmack says, “with usdoing the back room disc, Kaz James doing one and Disco Mafia, but we are theonly really important ones. We were the first people to do a backroom disc, andthat was really successful, so they decided to keep doing it. They wanted us todo it again, but we preferred to not do two in a row. We took a break from itand this is us doing it again. “We actuallystarted the whole backroom thing. It takes a lot of corn syrup, assorted lubes,oils and some candles. I was at a Hollywood party with Kate and Tom. I didn’t know, but SammyJackson new Ant, and we were at a rap party and the rest is history.” Then, together,both David and Ant completing each other’s sentences like a couple of disjoinedSiamese twins on a brunch-time talk show with an obese pasty white hostess,they try to describe the DJ show. “It’s anover-the-top show,” Honeysmack says, austerely. “It’s likeDJing, but really good,” Ant demurs. “We’re likeDJs, but better,” Honeysmack gesticulates. “There are certain things we will dowhich you could only do with four arms. There’s no standard approach, it goesgig by gig. We call ourselves party DJs, so we’re not constrained to oneparticular genre. We are not the next big thing in prog or breaks or whateverit is this month. So when fuckheads, I mean DJs, say they want to playdifferent things all the time, we actually doplay something different all the fucking time. That’s why kids look at us withtheir mouths open thinking, what the fuckare they playing- All the girls want to be us, all the boys want to get withus.” WHO: Acid Jacks
WHAT: Play OneLove at Tank / OneLove:Mobile Disco through Sony BMG
WHEN: Saturday 15 December / Out now