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Alan Thompson - Bringing Sexy Back

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Sydney-by-way-of-Wales DJ Alan Thompson is the man responsible for Ministry of Sound’s latest mix, Housexy Spring 07, taking hold of the series for the third time along with newcomer Wei Shen. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse spoke to Thompson about Sydney, being a rockstar and, of course, Sauvignon Blanc…

Your name is synonymous with the Housexy brand – how do you keep each new mix fresh and current-
I try and think ahead and predict what’s going to be hot in the clubs, that way keeping it upfront and fresh. As this is the [spring] edition I wanted my mix to be very up and funky with that summer good feel vibe, which hopefully it is! It’s a blend of vocal funky house in the beginning then towards the end of the mix gets a little more electro house but still with the all important funk factor, it’s all about the funk!

How has the scene changed in the short time between the first Housexy and now (which, to be honest, is a very short time!)-
It’s been over a year and, as we all know, a lot can happen in the music and club world in that time. I suppose the biggest change has been the phenomenon that is electro! In many guises and within most genres, I think the whole club scene is exciting right now. There are people out there slating it but you know what, it’s pretty healthy from this side of the decks! I love the fact that genres are crossing over into each other and that I can play across the board in one set, going from vocal house to deep and tech and touching on electro. As with all things in life there is good and bad, and there is some damn good music out there right now…

What’s a Ministry of Sound tour like to be part of- Do you get a pretty sweet rider-
It’s very boring! NOT! It’s such good fun and depending on whom I’m touring with can be hectic! I suppose it can be a bit of a rockstar lifestyle, flying around the country, staying in great hotels and yes, having that all important rider, oh the beloved rider…!

I also, where possible in between weekends, try and take some time out to see more of this beautiful country. I was recently playing in Broome and took some time out to do a 4WD safari into the Kimberleys, it was amazing, and that’s another thing I love about Australia, the diversity in the land… awesome.

What else are you working on-
I’ve actually started on a new track in the studio, the first in five years! It’s a collaboration with an established Australian producer. Something I have had in my head for a while and finally getting it down. Hopefully will be ready for early summer release, with whom I don’t know as yet but it’s an exciting project. I’m also involved in a new gay day dance music festival happening in Sydney at Kippax Lake (where Parklife is held) on Saturday 1 December.

Since (according to your MySpace profile) your second passion, after house music, is food – tell us what your perfect culinary accompaniment would be for a chilled out house mix…

Yes food, mmmmmmm… It is my second passion indeed, love making it, eating it and sharing it. It would have to be Italian I think, start off with some antipasto, then a beautiful whole fish baked with lemon and herbs with a rocket, pear and parmesan salad followed by white truffle risotto and finally a selection of cheeses from around the world… And of course a good Australian sauvignon blanc to wash it all down… Although there wouldn’t be any dancing after that!

WHO: Alan Thompson
WHAT: Housexy Spring 07 through EMI / Plays MOS Housexy Tour at the Roxy
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 6 October