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Alex Gaudino - Destinazione Australia

Author: Rezo
Friday, 21 September 2007
Italy’s current number one DJ/producer Alex Gaudino is now a household name in most western countries around the world thanks to his chart-dominating number one single Destination Calabria. Il nostro Rezo ha fatto una chiamata per discutere il suo giro Australiano…

As if by default, it seems Italian men possess a certain charm and mystique that makes them irresistible to women – and men – alike. Alex Gaudino is no exception; he is all class.

“I always knew that I would be doing music,” he says, about why he does what he does. “When I was a teenager I loved dance music; later I started to listen to the radio and to CDs and that, for me, was the time to learn how to put a record on a turntable and mix.

“I continued doing private parties for my friends and then started to work – it’s a really big word I know – for some clubs and did my first official gigs. In the meantime, I was trying to get something done with some record labels and continued as a promoter. Later I started to work with one of the largest record labels in Italy and by 1998 I founded Rise Records, which I think became one of the most important labels. I have since done records like Lovebite, Robby Rivera – Bang and a lot of others. I was doing my work as a DJ and producing records while I did that too.”

Busy man!

“I know I try to do all these things at once,” he says. “I’m doing a lot of gigs and some other remixes commissioned to me. It’s not easy for me to do all these things together so thank God I have some good guys working around me helping me to do the right things all at the same time!”
Likewise, his sultry dance music is on its way to an inaugural Australian incarnation. Listen out later this year for Alex Gaudino vs Black Box – Rockin, where he samples the Black Box classic Rockin’ To The Music and adds his own distinctive twist.

He is no doubt an accomplished producer but has an impressive resume of remixes behind him – names including Ultra Nat – Automatic, Sunburst –
Beautiful Day, MYNC & Roachford – Ride The Storm, Se:sa – Like This Like That and Doc Da Funk – Real Love. And anything he plays has that unmistakable vibe of summer on the beach with tanned supermodels clad in skimpy skirts, a live band sweating and enjoying themselves thoroughly, and a vodka martini or ten – shaken, not stirred.

And what of his pending trip to Australia-

“I can’t wait,” he beams. “I live for dance music; it is my passion and my life. It’s all that I can do and obviously I want to keep doing it. I always try to get better but I don’t look for fashion. If electro music is popular I don’t get stuck there. For me dance music has to be funky and make you move your arse. You need to be able to understand what is good and what is not. I can’t see myself doing records like Robbie Williams – it’s not my style”

“I play house music that is 360 degrees. It’s music that has to make you sweat. And it isn’t easy because every country you go to, there is a different culture. Like Madonna says, music is [the] common language that brings people together. And this is what I will be doing on the Godskitchen tour!”

CHE: Alex Gaudino
COSA: Plays Godskitchen at Home
QUANDO: Sunday 30 September
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