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Amp Fiddler - Amp

Author: Darryn King
Sunday, 9 December 2007
He’s released one of the finest albums of the yearin Afro Strut, and now Amp Fiddler is coming to Sydneyto play Sydney Festival. 3D talked Dilla, Clinton and hoops with the man. You’ve said that you didn’t grow up playing music,you grew up playing basketball… When did you decide to try your hand at music-And when was the last time you shot some hoops- I decided toplay music in High school 10th grade and sort of gave up hoops. Last time Iplayed was at a rehearsal with Lucy Pearl in LA a few years ago. You studied music at a music college in Detroit,is that right- Do you think that sort of musical training has been crucial forwhat you do, in a way that wouldn’t have happened if you’d taught yourself-It has beenvery helpful in regards to session and live playing. Some sessions requirecharts and some situations live require that you know theory in order tocommunicate to other musicians. What about Detroititself – how much did the music scene there shape you as an artist-Very much ifyou were to think about Motown and growing up as the youngest of five listeningto a lot of different music and being around so many talented people. What was it like meeting George Clinton for thefirst time- Is it true your then girlfriend played a major role in meeting andworking with him-That was anawesome experience because I had met his sons and musicians and had anticipatedmeeting him for a while. Adoria, my girl at the time, was a diva for networkingand made that happen. You also take the credit for introducing J Dilla tothe Akai drum sampler. Can you tell us a bit about your memories of him-Jay D was outof all the kids who worked here at Camp Amp the most respectful and the mosttalented and dedicated. Got to love a guy like that unconditionally. Is there a particular artist who you think iscarrying the torch for soul and funk these days-Yup there isRaphael Sadiq, Van Hunt, Michelle Ndegeocello, Martin Luther, Stephanie Mackay. What’s in store for us at your show with the SydneyFestival next year-Dancin’,singin’, and smilin’. What do you see yourself doing in the future-Film, funk andfanmail. WHO: Amp Fiddler
WHAT: Plays Beck’s Bar, Sydney Festival
WHEN: Wednesday 9 January